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Best Themeforest Clone WordPress Theme to Start Digital Products Marketplace

Digital Product Marketplace is the platform, where you can buy and sell digital products such as Themes, Templates, etc. Selling Digital Product Online is the best option to start the business; it lets you earn more profit. Instead of selling the physical products on the eCommerce Store. You can sell and buy Digital Products. Anyone can create your own Digital marketplace website, with the help of Themeforest Clone WordPress Theme.

Here are some reasons that why should you choose selling digital products instead of physical products and start the digital product selling website.

  • No need to worry about shipping the products to the customer.
  • You can seamlessly sell the products to the customers around the world.

How to Build Digital Product Marketplace Using Themeforest Clone WordPress Theme

How to Build Digital Product Marketplace Using Themeforest Clone Wordpress Theme

Using the Themeforest Clone WordPress Theme from Migrateshop, You can build your own Digital Goods Selling Marketplace website like Themeforest. Migrateshop’s Buy2Themeforest is the Multi-vendor marketplace script. It let the website owner allow more than one vendor to use their platform. And the Multivendor Marketplace platform has more benefits than the single-vendor website.

The admin of the website can earn commission by allowing more than one vendor to sell the products on the website. The Vendor will pay the commission for each product sold by them on a weekly or daily basis. The vendor has a separate dashboard, so they can list their digital products and manage the orders. The Buy2Themeforest, Themeforest clone WordPress theme allows selling digital products such as website themes, templates, images, videos, eBooks, etc.

Building the Digital Product Marketplace Website using the Themeforest Clone WordPress theme comes with all must-have features of a multivendor digital product marketplace. The features which include,

Front End Dashboard

Using the Front end dashboard the vendors can add their store for selling the digital products on the website.

Commission and Payout

It is one of the important features; it is used to pay the amount for the vendors after the admin deducting the commission for every purchase made by the customers. The commission is based on a certain percentage and it can be paid by the admin on a weekly or monthly basis.

Multiple Payment Gateways

The Themeforest clone script has the Multiple Payment Gateway support. It has the Payment Gateways such as Paypal and Stripe. And other payment gateways can be added based on the user needs.

Quick view

The Quick view feature on the Themeforest Clone WordPress Theme helps to easily view the individual product, features, and price details.


It allows the users to save the particular product to their wish list. The Products added to the wish list can be purchased by the users later.


Therefore, creating your Digital products selling website using Migrateshop Themeforest clone script is a good idea. It is a fully responsive design, which will make your website more attractive to your users. Additionally, It also has the Android and iOS mobile applications