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TikTok Clone Script

A TikTok clone script is a video-sharing software solution that enables entrepreneurs to build their own version of the well-known video-sharing app.

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TikTok Clone

What is TikTok clone script?

TikTok clone app creates a video-sharing and video-dubbing platform that allows users to shoot and share short videos, make videos with stunning effects, and customize their profiles. Users will have access to a variety of features to modify their videos, find fresh material, and communicate with other users. TikTok clone script can be altered to adapt to the particular requirements of the company and its intended users. Businesses can quickly launch their own video-sharing site by using a TikTok clone software.

TikTok Clone mockup

TikTok Clone Script Built in Features

Easy-signup-TikTok Clone

Easy signup

A TikTok clone app development makes account creation quick and easy. You must first enter your email address, make a secure password, and agree to the terms of service. You will be able to access the TikTok clone once you have finished these instructions.

Creator’s profile

Anyone can join the platform and begin creating content by simply creating a profile on a TikTok clone. The first thing users must do is provide their contact details, including their name, username, email address, and password. Users can also link their accounts to other social networking platforms. Users can add a profile photo and a short bio to their profiles after creating an account.

Creator’s-profile-TikTok Clone
Create-posts-TikTok Clone

Create posts

The TikTok clone enables users to make and share short videos. Users can choose from a variety of templates to personalize their posts, which can contain text, photographs, audio, a combination of all three, or any combination of these elements plus a video. In order to create a post, users can also add their own videos. The post can be shared through the TikTok clone app, or with other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Users can add captions, hashtags, and other elements to their posts after they've been created to better engage.

Song/Audio selection

Our TikTok clone's audio selection will be made up of a variety of current and popular songs, sound effects, and user-generated music. Hip-hop, pop, rock, and electronic dance music are some of the musical styles we'll be choosing from. Also, users will be able to enhance their creative expression by adding sound effects to their videos. The collection will also feature our user-generated music, allowing people to share their original audio works with their friends and followers.

SongAudio-selection-TikTok Clone
Multi-video-and-picture-sharing-TikTok Clone

Multi-video and picture-sharing

TikTok clone script is a multi-video and picture-sharing platform where users can make and share short videos, pictures, and GIFs. It is an enjoyable, interactive method to keep in touch with friends and family.

View and like your favorite post

When you first use the app, you will see a feed featuring user-submitted videos and posts. Simply scroll down the feed and click on the post you wish to see. After that, you may read the content or view the video in full-screen mode. If you liked a post after viewing it, you may give it a like. Click the heart icon at the bottom of the post to do this. By doing this, you can let the post's users know that you enjoyed what they had to say. You can also leave a comment on the post, forward it to your friends, or bookmark it.

View-and-like-your-favorite-post-TikTok Clone
Apply-Filter-to-Videos-TikTok Clone

Apply Filter to Videos

Apply Filter to Videos enables users to add different effects and filters to their videos. Users can add effects to their videos including blurring, brightening, highlighting, or coloring. Users can also utilize this function to add other filters, such as antique, retro, or modern, to their own videos. Users can also change the intensity of the filters, giving them more control over the final result.

Coins and gifts

Coins and gifts can be used to show appreciation for the content while also financially supporting the creators. Users can send presents or tip creators using coins, a virtual currency they can buy with real money. Gifts are virtual things that users can buy with coins and send to other users to express their appreciation. Gifts can also be given to creators as payment for their work.

Coins-and-gifts-TikTok Clone
Go-live-TikTok Clone

Go live

The TikTok clone's Go Live feature lets users broadcast their videos live to their followers and other users. They can interact with viewers in real-time and receive immediate feedback thanks to it. Users can improve their live-streaming experience by adding filters and effects. Users can enhance their following, popularity, and reach by using this tool.

Duets and Challenges

TikTok clone script also allow challenges and duets, enabling users to challenge other users to make videos with a specific topic or style or to record duets with them. The duets and challenges feature promotes user interaction and the exchange of unique concepts.

Duets-and-Challenges-TikTok Clone

TikTok Clone Standard Features

Laravel Framework

Our TikTok clone is an open-source software designed and developed by the Laravel framework. It is the most popular MVC framework which is safe and secure. It is easy to customize and scale.

SEO Friendly

TikTok clone is an entirely SEO-friendly clone script. Every code has been developed and focused on the SEO-supported coding structure.

Responsive Design

TikTok clone app has a completely responsive design. It can be accessible by a variety of devices, including mobile, tablets, laptops, and desktops. 

Site settings

Site settings provide the admin the ability to make broad changes to the website, such as changing the name, logo, favicon, default languages, default currencies, auto-approval properties, and primary color.

Google Recaptcha

Google Recaptcha technology protects the website from spamming and other harmful actions and builds consumer trust.

Admin Reports

The admin can generate a number of reports, including overview, booking, and data analysis reports. These reports indicate the functioning of the platform.

Great User Experience

TikTok clone provides a great user experience when it comes to surfing and exploring the website. Likewise, a layman can easily understand to list properties, make bookings, and so on.

Easy To Maintain

TikTok clone script is completely adaptable to your needs and scalable. You can monitor the entire website’s activities and modify whatever you need. Correspondingly, you can hire us for more customization.

Load Faster

The latest technologies were specifically used in the development of the TikTok clone app to ensure quick loading and improved user experience. Websites that load quickly will rank well in search results.

Admin Commission Policy

After the completion of a booking, admin will get the commission fee and the rest of the cost will sent to the host account. The Admin commission gives by in terms of percentages.

Refund Policy

If the guest cancels the booking a refund will be provided based on the cancellation policy for the particular listing.

Cancellation Policy

When the guest likes to cancel their booking before the check-in date, simply they can cancel and get refund their money.

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Migrateshop provides 1st Time free installation service when the purchase is done, if you are providing Cpanel/FTP login details.

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Our support team will respond to your queries rapidly through Whatsapp, email, and skype.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Please check your server with our requirements
    • PHP 8
    • JSON PHP Extension
    • Mbstring PHP Extension
    • OpenSSL PHP Extension
    • PDO PHP Extension
    • XML PHP Extension
    • Extension
    • Allow_url_fopen = on
    • Max_execution_time = 300
    • Memory_limit = 256M
    • Upload_max_filesize = 60M
    • Zlib.output_compression = on

    Folder permission requirements :

    • Select write permission for bellow folders.
    • storage/app/
    • storage/framework/
    • storage/logs/
    • bootstrap/cache/

    TikTok clone is a video-sharing program that is similar to TikTok. It allows users to make and share short videos with music and other effects, and the app’s algorithm recommends material based on their preferences. Also, it has features like duets, challenges, and live broadcasting.

    The copy of your Script/theme does not contain an encrypted file. It provides you with complete control over how you customize it to suit your requirements.

    We provide a free installation service. And if you want to install a new domain or change the domain, you have to pay. If you want to install it yourself, please follow the steps in our documentation. Still, if you want us to install it, you need to contact our support and submit your cPanel or FTP credentials.

    Depending on the package you purchase, our support team will do a free installation on your recommended Linux server or hosting for the first time. For additional installation, you have to pay an additional fee. It does not include any support, setup, or installation on your local machine or host.

    Migrateshop always continues to add new features, enhance the existing features, and fix bugs as they arise. And, you can have our script latest updated version until your free update is valid.

    In case, If you have modified/customized the source code and want to have the existing data in the latest version, we will charge additionally depending on the desired total hours. For further information, please contact our support team.

    Yes, based on your purchased package, you can get the update.

    If your support package has expired, Our Support team is readily accessible, and you may contact us for further information.

    Once purchasing, you can get in touch with our support team by sending an email to or submitting the support form with your queries.

    We will provide support if you are stuck with configuring and installation our theme (or) if you face any bugs with our theme. If the bug is critical, we will give you a timeline to fix it.

    Note: Support will not cover customizing our product (or) adding the new features. It will be an additional cost.

    • Difficulties with your local device’s installation
    • Script reinstallation
    • Whereas, the issues with Git as a result of failing to follow the instructions
    • Issues with updated code or if you/your team has done the customization

    Depending on the queue, our tech support team will reply to all of your inquiries through email.

    On working days, our support team will respond within 24 to 48 hours, depending on the queue.

    Yes, of course. It is ONE TIME PAYMENT to buy our script.

    Paypal & Credit/Card/Net Banking is available. Is your country does not support PayPal, you can make the payment on Razorpay Method using your credit/Debit cards. If you are not able to pay with PayPal & Razorpay, Still you can buy our theme using Western Union Money, MoneyGram. Contact our support team for payment details.

    If you are looking for Arabic translation & RTL direction we will do as custom jobs. It will be an additional cost. please contact our support team for payment details.

    No. Any script/theme from Migrateshop isn’t designed to be re-sold or distributed. You are liable for legal action if you violate someone else’s intellectual property.

    A single domain license can only be used for one business per domain. likewise, you can have only one domain

    A multi-domain license can be made use of for a more extensive number of businesses on multiple domains. For Instance, you can have multiple domains like,, and so on.

    Yes. We will do the customization services for our scripts/themes. If you like to customize our theme design (or) looking to add any new feature we will do that as custom development jobs. And it will be take an additional cost.

    But, if the source code files have been modified from your end, we will be unable to give technical support.

    Yes, you have complete control over your website’s ownership.

    TikTok Clone Version History & Change Logs

    • Initial Release