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Handyman App Like Uber

Handyman App Like Uber

Handyman app like Uber is the most cost-effective and profitable business in a short time. Customers can easily request and schedule appointments in our Uber for Handyman app.

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handyman app like uber
What ?

What is Uber for Handyman?

Uber for Handyman app is a flawless, latest online solution to get incredible customers to generate your profit and improve your Handyman business to the next level. Our Handyman app like Uber, helps you simplify your work and is the best cost-effective platform to get a lot of customers and grab unstoppable revenue.

Uber for Handyman app is the most trending and modern handyman service business. It gives a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs to earn more profit with unique features, unlimited benefits, and feasibility.

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What we offer ?

Our Handyman app like Uber and all our services are assessed on mobile and web applications, this is our major goal.

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Handyman App Like Uber Features

Live Tracking

With our handyman app, users can quickly follow service providers’ real-time updates, much like they can with Uber. This feature makes it easier for customers to get in touch with service providers, and it updates the app at each step of the process to suit the needs of the user.

Schedule Meeting

Using the on-demand Handyman app, customers may schedule appointments for their work and select the most qualified and effective service provider to finish their projects. They are able to do their work inside the allocated time thanks to the smart scheduling tool.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Customers can keep their card details and pay for their services through the Uber for Handyman App Solution by using the app. Users can combine these functionalities in our app with their e-wallet as well.

Referral Rewards

With our Uber for Handyman App, customers may earn bonus points by referring friends, family, and other users, among many other incentives. Users can locate the best service providers by using these principles.

Multiple Services

Uber for Handyman keeps a record of every customer’s specific information and arranges a variety of services into easily navigable categories and subcategories.

Reviews And Ratings

With this app, users can rate the services they have received from service providers. They may also offer evaluations of the service suppliers.

Customer Feedback Section

Handyman app is a completely configurable, user-friendly platform that makes it simple for customers to provide feedback. This tool makes it easier to schedule appointments, monitor the arrival of handymen, and handle payments via the app.

Service History

Customers of our handyman app can see all of the data of the services they have used as well as transaction details with just one click. All information, including invoices, payment information, and service information, is securely stored by this feature.


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