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Letgo Clone

Letgo Clone

“Letgo Clone App is a reliable and secure online solution that helps you build your buy-and-sell marketplace at an affordable cost.”

letgo clone
What ?

What is Letgo Clone?

Letgo Clone is a pre-built online marketplace software solution developed with unique features, techniques, and functionalities similar to Letgo. Entrepreneurs and startups build their own online classified business marketplace businesses to improve their businesses to the next level.

Our experts build your seamless online classified platform with advanced features like online product listing, a messaging system, user registration, a filter option, a search option, and more to grab a huge level of income in a short time.

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What we offer ?

Our products and solutions are developed with unique technology that can be accessed on both mobile and web applications.

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Letgo Clone Features

Geographically-Based Search

Users can search for products or dealers depending on their preferred location using our location-based search option for Letgo Clone Script.

Multiple Listings

The platform allows vendors to post several products for sale, giving them the opportunity to highlight a variety of goods and increase sales.

User Administration

The administrator has the ability to control who uses the website, including adding, removing, and updating users as well as granting permission to those already using the platform.

Post Ads

To sell their products on the site, sellers can create an advertisement using the Create Ad tool, which includes all the necessary information such as the product name, description, photographs, etc.

Order Monitoring

Customers can use this order-tracking tool in our Letgo Clone to easily and real-time monitor the status of their orders.

Instant Chat Feature

With the chat feature on Letgo Clone, buyers and sellers can speak with one another right from the platform.

Compare the Products

Customers are able to evaluate multiple products from various vendors, enabling them to make an informed selection.

Banner Advertising

By permitting home page banner ads, the administrator can make money. Users can submit requests for banner ads, and the administrator will choose whether to approve or reject them.


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