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Space Rental Script

Space Rental script is a robust space booking solution that allows businesses to set up an online space booking system in minutes.

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Space Rental Script

What is Space Rental Script?

The Space Rental Script is a software solution designed for entrepreneurs who want to build a space rental marketplace to rent out various spaces. The Airbnb clone for space allows businesses to manage space reservations, track payments, and generate invoices. Additionally, it offers consumers an easy-to-use interface so they can make payments and book space online easily.

The Space Rental Booking script can be customized to meet the requirements of the company, enabling them to include features like discounts and special offers and set various rental rates. The script also includes a robust reporting system, allowing entrepreneurs to quickly manage and analyze rental data. Also, the script is cost-effective, secure, and easy to use, making it a perfect solution for entrepreneurs looking to optimize their space rental operations.

Space Rental Script Mockup

How Space Rental Script Works?

Reserva rental script work flow

Space Rental Script Built in Features

Multiplace Services

The rental script supports several services and enables users to manage various rental services from a single platform. The services included renting a hotel room, a car, an apartment, a co-working space, an experience, and salon services. Rental businesses can broaden their customer base and manage all of their rental operations from a unified platform with the Multi place service, offering reliable and efficient services to their users.


Smart Search with Mapbox

The Search with Mapbox feature will show a map location with rental listings once users enter their chosen location. Guest can filter their search by rental type, size, amenities, and more using the advanced search option. The Guest can also move and resize the map to see additional information about the nearby rental spaces. This feature makes it simple for users to select the ideal space for their needs.

GDPR Enabled

Space rental script's comprehensive GDPR feature ensures the security of your users' personal data.

GDPR-Enabled-space rental script

Add your Listings

Partners can quickly and easily add a listing for their rental space. This feature makes it simple to specify the rental price and availability, and also add photos and detailed descriptions of the rental space. Moreover, Hosts can add particular services or amenities that their rental space provides.

Send Enquiry/Instant Booking Options

When a guest uses our space booking software to book a listing, they have two booking options: send an inquiry message to the guest or make an instant booking.

Send-Enquiry-Instant-Booking-Options-space rental script

iCal synchronization

The iCal Synchronization function in our Space Rental Script allows users to connect their calendars to their website so that any modifications made to their events are automatically updated with their calendars. Also eliminates the need for manual synchronization and prevents double bookings because it will automatically resolve any conflicts when the events are synchronized.

Listing Types

Space owners can easily categorize their listings in a variety of ways. This feature allows guests to filter their listings by type such as co-working space, event space, etc, making it easier to find the exact type of space they looking for.

Space Listing-Types

Multiple Language & RTL layout supported

Our Space Rental Marketplace script support for several languages and RTL allows to effortlessly reach a global audience. Provide your website in many languages to meet the needs of a diverse customer base.

Multiple Currency

Facilitate global transactions with multi-currency support in our rental marketplace script. It offers a variety of currencies, including USD, EUR, INR, and more.

Multi-Currency space rental script

Multiple Payment Options

Resrva has a variety of payment methods including Stripe, PayPal, Payumoney, Authorize.Net, Braintree, and more of a seamless space rental experience.

Reviews and Ratings

The ratings and review feature will enable improved user trust. By allowing reviews and ratings from customers, you can raise the standard of your rental platform.

Ratings-and-Reviews feature
Powerful Admin Dashboard

Powerful Admin/Host Dashboard

Space rental and booking script provides robust admin and host dashboards that enable users to manage rental requests, payments, listings, etc. Every user has a dashboard that allows them to manage their payment history, bookings, reports, stats, and listings.

Cancellation and Refund system

If a guest cancels the reservation, a refund will be provided in accordance with the cancellation policy for the specific listing.

The Reserva Rental Marketplace Platform has three cancellation policies which are Flexible, Moderate, and Strict. This policy-based cancellation option enables the guest to cancel their rental at any time as long as they do so in accordance with the Cancellation Policy. Cancellations made in compliance with the policy will be refunded in whole or in part, according to the policy's limitations.


Earning Stats & Reports

Our Airbnb clone for space includes detailed earnings reports and statistics that offer current data about how efficiently your space rental business is performing. The reports provide details on total earnings, balance, revenue, and other important indicators and can be managed by day, week, month, or year.

Blog Features

Blog Features that let users set up and manage blogs. Users can quickly write a post, including images, and group posts into categories and tags. The blog also has cutting-edge features including, comment moderation. Users can simply engage their guests and boost their rental business.


Social Login ( FB, google)

Users can sign in with their existing Facebook and Google accounts. Users are no longer required to remember a separate password in order to instantly and securely access their rental accounts.

Coupon System

It has a coupon system that allows the admin to create and manage discount codes for their rental platform. This feature makes it simple for them to promote their business, attract new users, and boost revenue. It also contains advanced features such as automated expiry dates and user-specific codes.

Rental Script Coupon-System
Custom-Pricing-space rental script

Custom Pricing

Utilizing our Space Rental website custom pricing to regulate your rental prices. For a flexible and customized renting experience, set special rates for specific dates, or rental listings.

CMS Static page & Template Management

The content management system (CMS) gives the administrator control over static content pages and templates. The CMS makes it easy for users to customize their rental website, add new content, and create unique page layouts.


Standard Features

Laravel Framework

Buy2Reserva Space Rental Script open-source software is designed and developed by the Laravel framework. It is the most popular MVC framework which is safe and secure which is easy to customize and scale.

SEO Friendly

Space Rental Script is an entirely SEO-friendly clone script. Every code has been developed and focused on the SEO-supported coding structure.

Responsive Design

Our Space Rental and Booking Script has a completely responsive design. It can be accessible by a variety of devices, including mobile, tablets, laptops, and desktops. 

Site settings

Site settings provide the admin the ability to make broad changes to the website, such as changing the name, logo, favicon, default languages, default currencies, auto-approval properties, and primary color.

Google Recaptcha

Google Recaptcha technology protects the website from spamming and other harmful actions and builds consumer trust.

Admin Reports

The admin can generate a number of reports, including overview, booking, and data analysis reports. These reports indicate the functioning of the platform.

Great User Experience

Reserva provides a great user experience when it comes to surfing and exploring the website. Likewise, a layman can easily understand to list properties, make bookings, and so on.

Easy To Maintain

Buy2Reserva is completely adaptable to your needs and scalable. You can monitor the entire website’s activities and modify whatever you need. Correspondingly, you can hire us for more customization.

Load Faster

The latest technologies were specifically used in the development of the Rental script to ensure quick loading and improved user experience. Websites that load quickly will rank well in search results.

Admin Commission Policy

After the completion of a booking, admin will get the commission fee and the rest of the cost will sent to the host account. The Admin commission gives by in terms of percentages.

Refund Policy

If the guest cancels the booking a refund will be provided based on the cancellation policy for the particular listing.

Cancellation Policy

When the guest likes to cancel their booking before the check-in date, simply they can cancel and get refund their money.

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Free Technical Support

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Technologies used to build Reserva Script

Buy2reserva-rental script-technologies used

Space Rental Script Free Live Demo – Web & App

Space Rental Script Customer Dashboard

Customer Dashboard

Password: demo


Partner Dashboard

Password: demo


Admin Panel Dashboard

Password: demo

Mobile-app-buy2reserva-rental script

Space Rental Script Mobile App Demo

Download mobile apps to check how our Buy2Reserva Space Rental Script works. Our mobile app’s built-in features are listed below.

  • Webview Androind/iOS
  • Android studio & Java
  • Xcode & Swift
  • Modern User Interface
  • Social Share
  • Pull to refresh
  • Google analytics
  • Admob Features
  • Push notification
  • Android latest version supported
  • Drawer menu support
  • Light weight
  • 100% source code
  • Well Documentation
Android App Download
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Space Rental Script App Screenshots

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Folder permission requirements :

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  • bootstrap/cache/

Space rental script is a software solution that helps businesses to rent out their physical space for events and activities. It gives property owners a simple platform to rent out space, manage bookings, and handle payments. A space rental script allows users to list their space, set availability, and give discounts, among other things. 

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Rental Script Version History & Change Logs

  • Initial Release