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Lyft Clone

Lyft Clone App

“The Lyft Clone App is a 100% secured code and customizable that helps boost and improve your business to the next level and achieve your dreams.”

lyft clone
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What is Lyft Clone Script?

Our Lyft clone script is a ready-made and user-friendly platform for entrepreneurs and startups, which is also most useful for passengers. Lyft Clone App is a taxi booking script with a 100% secured and customizable code that helps you start your taxi booking service business and earn huge profits in a short time.

Lyft Clone Script is the best taxi booking app solution that assists users in booking taxi rides on mobile and the web with minimum time.

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All our products and exclusive services are designed to be accessed on the web and mobile.

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Lyft Clone Features

Schedule your Ride

In our Lyfy Clone App, riders have the option to schedule their ride timings, ensuring a hassle-free and punctual trip.

Driver Dashboard

Drivers can manage their trip requests, upcoming trips, profiles, earnings, and more using our app. Additionally, they can access trip information and communicate with riders, enhancing their overall experience.

Ride Details

Ride Details include options such as rider information, driver information, taxi number, travel date, transaction history, and more.

In App Call/Chat

Our Lyft clone enables riders to stay connected with drivers through our cutting-edge in-app call/chat feature, ensuring seamless communication.

Ratings and Reviews

Enable riders to share their trip experiences and concerns with the user-friendly ratings and review feature on the online taxi booking platform, empowering them to provide feedback easily.

Fare Estimation

Riders can obtain an estimated fare for their trip, calculated based on factors such as distance, time, taxes, tolls, and more.

Select your Vehicle

Riders can select their vehicle for the ride based on their comfort and convenience, tailored to their specific requirements.

Multiple Payment Options

Our Lyft Clone features multi-payment gateway integration, allowing riders to use their preferred payment method to book their ride.



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