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WhatsApp Clone

WhatsApp Clone is a robust and feature-rich messaging app that allows users to securely connect with one another in real time.

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Whatsapp Clone App

What is WhatsApp clone?

A WhatsApp clone is an instant messaging software that enables companies to develop their own messaging apps. Entrepreneurs can use the WhatsApp clone script with all the essential features and functionalities, including group chat, voice and video chats, location sharing, and more. It is a perfect solution for organizations and individuals that want to build their own messaging app and stay connected with their contacts, without having to worry about data security or privacy problems. The WhatsApp clone flexibility makes it simple to customize the app to a user's specific needs.

WhatsApp Clone is an open-source, mobile messaging app with enhanced features and customization options. Additionally, these clones offer users an enhanced user experience, making it easier for them to communicate with their friends and family.

Whatsapp Clone Laptop

WhatsApp Clone Built in Features

Dark-Theme - WhatsApp Clone

Dark Theme

A WhatsApp clone can offer a great user experience with its dark theme feature. By allowing users to switch between a light and dark mode, the app can provide a more comfortable experience in low light and a different look and feel to the app. Implementation of the feature can be done by changing the app's background to a darker color and adjusting the text and button colors accordingly. This will give users a unique look and feel to the app and make it easier to read in low light. .


Users can now create and share stories with their friends and contacts. These stories, which can include images, videos, or text updates, are displayed chronologically and are visible for 24 hours before they disappear. Users can also view stories from their friends and contacts. Additionally, users can search for stories from specific users.

Status-Stories - WhatsApp Clone
Instant-chat - WhatsApp Clone

Instant Chats

The chat function on a WhatsApp clone would allow users to communicate with one another in real time, over text or voice. This feature would enable users to send text messages or voice messages to each other and receive instant replies. Additionally, users would be able to add one-to-one/group chat, audio/video calling, file sharing, status updates, push notifications, chatbots, voice recording, emojis, and media sharing.

Delete for Everyone

Users can utilize this feature to permanently remove any sent messages, images, videos, or audio files from the recipient's device. Users that want to be sure that private information is kept private can use this feature to great use. Users can also delete messages from their own devices, and those deletions will likewise affect the recipient's device. Businesses and individuals can make sure their messages are private and safe by using the Delete for Everyone option.

Delete-for-Everyone - WhatsApp Clone
file-attachement - WhatsApp Clone

File Attachment

The Attachment feature of a WhatsApp clone would enable users to send files such as images, videos, documents, audio files, and other types of files to one another. This feature would be available through the chat view, where users could choose the type of file they want to send, and then pick the file from their device to attach it to the chat. The file would then be sent to the recipient, who could view, download, or save it as desired.

Channel Settings

The Channel Settings feature on a Business WhatsApp clone gives users the power to customize their group chats and channels. They can control who can join, who can post, and who can view the messages. Furthermore, they can delete messages, add a description, and even set a password to protect the channel. Additionally, they can choose to make the channel "public" or "private," allowing them to determine who can view the posts in the channel.

Audio-Video-Call - WhatsApp Clone

Audio / Video Call

This feature allows users to make audio and video calls to other app users, allowing them to enjoy real-time chats. With the Audio and Video Call feature on WhatsApp clone script, businesses and people may stay connected with their contacts, while still ensuring data security and privacy.

Notification Setting

Users of our Best WhatsApp clone app can customize their notification preferences with the notification setting feature. This can include setting custom notification tones, selecting which notifications to receive (e.g. messages, group chats, calls, etc.), setting a custom vibration pattern, adjusting the volume and length of the notification sound, and more. Additionally, users can choose to receive notifications at certain times of the day or disable notifications altogether.

Notification-Setting - WhatsApp Clone
Search-Setting - WhatsApp Clone

Search Setting

The search feature could be used to quickly find a particular contact or group or to search through specific messages within a conversation by searching a group or people. This would be particularly helpful to those with a large number of contacts, groups, or messages.

Privacy Setting

Our WhatsApp clone features a Privacy Setting that allows you to control who sees information about you. You can choose from several settings, including Last Seen, Profile Picture, About, Chat Block, Read Receipts, and more.

Privacy-Setting - WhatsApp Clone
Account-Setting - WhatsApp Clone

Account Setting

The account settings feature of a WhatsApp clone should enable users to customize various aspects of their account, such as changing the number, deleting an account, multilanguage, profile info, security, notifications, privacy, blocking, archiving, backup, and restoring.

Web Landing Page

The perfect web landing page for our WhatsApp clone web will get users excited to download the app. It should include an engaging description of the clone and its features, a clear call to action to download the app, and links to the various app stores. We'll also include screenshots of the clone in action and a video demonstration of its features, as well as customer testimonials to build trust in the product.

Web-Landing-Page - WhatsApp Clone

WhatsApp Clone Standard Features

SEO Friendly

Whatsapp clone is an entirely SEO-friendly clone script. Every code has been developed and focused on the SEO-supported coding structure.

Responsive Design

The online messaging platform has a completely responsive design. It can be accessible by various devices, including mobile, tablets, laptops, and desktops. 

Site settings

Site settings provide the admin the ability to make broad changes to the website, such as changing the name, logo, favicon, default languages, default currencies, auto-approval properties, and primary color.

Great User Experience

Our best Whatsapp clone app provides a great user experience when it comes to surfing and exploring the website. Likewise, a layman can easily understand to list properties, make bookings, and so on.

Easy To Maintain

Our script is completely adaptable to your needs and scalable. You can monitor the entire website’s activities and modify whatever you need. Correspondingly, you can hire us for more customization.

Load Faster

The latest technologies were specifically used in the development of the dating script to ensure quick loading and improved user experience. Websites that load quickly will rank well in search results.

Google Recaptcha

Google Recaptcha technology protects the website from spamming and other harmful actions and builds consumer trust.

Admin Reports

The admin can generate a number of reports, including overview, booking, and data analysis reports. These reports indicate the functioning of the platform.

Admin Commission Policy

After the completion of a booking, admin will get the commission fee and the rest of the cost will sent to the host account. The Admin commission gives by in terms of percentages.

Refund Policy

If the guest cancels the booking a refund will be provided based on the cancellation policy for the particular listing.

Cancellation Policy

When the guest likes to cancel their booking before the check-in date, simply they can cancel and get refund their money.

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Free Server Installation

Migrateshop provides 1st Time free installation service when the purchase is done, if you are providing Cpanel/FTP login details.

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100% Source Code

we provide 100% source code which can be customized to meet your requirements.

Free Technical Support

Our support team will respond to your queries rapidly through Whatsapp, email, and skype.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Please check your server with our requirements
    • PHP 8
    • JSON PHP Extension
    • Mbstring PHP Extension
    • OpenSSL PHP Extension
    • PDO PHP Extension
    • XML PHP Extension
    • Extension
    • Allow_url_fopen = on
    • Max_execution_time = 300
    • Memory_limit = 256M
    • Upload_max_filesize = 60M
    • Zlib.output_compression = on

    Folder permission requirements :

    • Select write permission for bellow folders.
    • storage/app/
    • storage/framework/
    • storage/logs/
    • bootstrap/cache/

    WhatsApp clone script is a robust software solution that allows organizations and individuals to develop their own messaging app that functions in the same way as WhatsApp. It has been created to provide users with a user-friendly interface, and better user experience. 

    The copy of your Script/theme does not contain an encrypted file. It provides you with complete control over how you customize it to suit your requirements.

    We provide a free installation service. And if you want to install a new domain or change the domain, you have to pay. If you want to install it yourself, please follow the steps in our documentation. Still, if you want us to install it, you need to contact our support and submit your cPanel or FTP credentials.

    Depending on the package you purchase, our support team will do a free installation on your recommended Linux server or hosting for the first time. For additional installation, you have to pay an additional fee. It does not include any support, setup, or installation on your local machine or host.

    Migrateshop always continues to add new features, enhance the existing features, and fix bugs as they arise. And, you can have our script latest updated version until your free update is valid.

    In case, If you have modified/customized the source code and want to have the existing data in the latest version, we will charge additionally depending on the desired total hours. For further information, please contact our support team.

    Yes, based on your purchased package, you can get the update.

    If your support package has expired, Our Support team is readily accessible, and you may contact us for further information.

    Once purchasing, you can get in touch with our support team by sending an email to or submitting the support form with your queries.

    We will provide support if you are stuck with configuring and installation our theme (or) if you face any bugs with our theme. If the bug is critical, we will give you a timeline to fix it.

    Note: Support will not cover customizing our product (or) adding the new features. It will be an additional cost.

    • Difficulties with your local device’s installation
    • Script reinstallation
    • Whereas, the issues with Git as a result of failing to follow the instructions
    • Issues with updated code or if you/your team has done the customization

    Depending on the queue, our tech support team will reply to all of your inquiries through email.

    On working days, our support team will respond within 24 to 48 hours, depending on the queue.

    Yes, of course. It is ONE TIME PAYMENT to buy our script.

    Paypal & Credit/Card/Net Banking is available. Is your country does not support PayPal, you can make the payment on Razorpay Method using your credit/Debit cards. If you are not able to pay with PayPal & Razorpay, Still you can buy our theme using Western Union Money, MoneyGram. Contact our support team for payment details.

    If you are looking for Arabic translation & RTL direction we will do as custom jobs. It will be an additional cost. please contact our support team for payment details.

    No. Any script/theme from Migrateshop isn’t designed to be re-sold or distributed. You are liable for legal action if you violate someone else’s intellectual property.

    A single domain license can only be used for one business per domain. likewise, you can have only one domain

    A multi-domain license can be made use of for a more extensive number of businesses on multiple domains. For Instance, you can have multiple domains like,, and so on.

    Yes. We will do the customization services for our scripts/themes. If you like to customize our theme design (or) looking to add any new feature we will do that as custom development jobs. And it will be take an additional cost.

    But, if the source code files have been modified from your end, we will be unable to give technical support.

    Yes, you have complete control over your website’s ownership.

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