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Grocery Delivery Script

A Grocery Delivery Script is an On-demand grocery delivery and pickup app/website designed to make grocery shopping easier and more convenient.

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What is Grocery Delivery Script?

Grocery Delivery Script is an online grocery delivery service solution that allows the entrepreneurs to create a delivery service website and app for customers to purchase groceries and other essential household items from their local grocery stores and deliver them to their doorstep.

The multi-vendor grocery delivery script also offers a variety of payment options, including PayPal, credit card, and cash on delivery. Its easy-to-use interface makes online grocery shopping quick and hassle-free.

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Grocery Delivery Script Built in Features

Grocery Delivery Script-Easy-Registration-login

Easy Registration/login

Our Grocery Delivery Script allows both customers and grocery store owners to quickly and conveniently register and log in to their accounts using their existing social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google. This eliminates the need for the users to remember multiple passwords, while providing the grocery delivery service with more accurate customer information, such as contact details and address, for better customer service.

List your products

Grocery delivery scripts enable it simple for store owners to categorize their products and add all the relevant product details, such as prices and descriptions. In order to attract buyers, they can also upload images of their goods and give special offers. Also, the feature gives store owners the ability to effectively manage their inventory, track orders, and analyze sales. Customers can also quickly and simply search the nearby stores for products and compare prices with different retailers. Also, this feature enables store owners to quickly alter and update product listings.

grocery delivery script - List-your-products
grocery delivery script -Advanced-Search-Options

Advanced Search Options

An advanced search feature that can allow the customers to make various search options like relocation search, multi-store search, item-specific search, price range search, personalized recommendations, discount search, and more. And it can help customers quickly find what they are looking for, making the shopping experience faster and more efficient.

Recommended Products

Based on the customer's previous purchases and market trends, this feature makes relevant product recommendations. Additionally, it displays items that are related to those the consumer has already bought. The feature saves users time by only displaying products that are most relevant to their needs. Store owners can enhance sales by delivering personalized product recommendations to customers.

grocery delivery script - Recommended-Products
grocery delivery script -Price-Comparison

Price Comparison

This feature allows customers to save money by comparing the prices of grocery items across multiple stores. And helps the buyers save money by finding the lowest price for the items they looking for. It is integrated into the script and displays a table, showing the price of each item from the different vendors. Customers can then select the lowest price and proceed with their purchase.

Discount Coupons

The On-Demand Grocery Delivery Script discount Coupons feature provides buyers with the opportunity to save money when ordering groceries online. Customers can enter a coupon code at checkout or click a link to apply the discount to their purchase. Store owners can create, manage, and set expiration dates for coupon codes, as well as track their usage. This feature is beneficial to both customers and store owners, as it rewards loyal customers, attracts new customers, and promotes special offers. It also helps store owners to boost sales and increase customer loyalty.

Discount Coupons
grocery delivery script - Add-to-cart

Add To Cart Option

The grocery delivery app script has Add to Cart Option that makes it easier for customers to add items to their shopping cart without having to go through the entire checkout process. It allows customers to quickly and easily add items, such as groceries, to their cart and then proceed to the checkout process when they are ready. This is especially helpful for customers who want to save time and make their shopping experience more efficient.

Assign Driver

The assign drivers feature for delivery has enabled businesses to better manage their delivery operations and ensure timely and efficient deliveries. Website owners are able to assign drivers to specific orders based on their availability, geographical location, and other criteria. This feature also allows businesses to track orders in real-time, providing insights into customer satisfaction and areas of improvement.

grocery delivery script -Assign-Driver
grocery delivery script -Multiple-Payment-Options

Multiple Payment Options

Users may have the option to select from a variety of payment methods when completing their order. Popular choices include cash on delivery, online payments, debit/credit cards, digital wallets, PayPal, and more. All of these payment options offer convenience and security for customers who are purchasing groceries online.

Live Order Tracking

With the on-demand grocery delivery script Live Order Tracking feature, customers can now easily stay up-to-date on the status of their orders. They have access to view the estimated delivery time, the current order status, and the location of the delivery vehicle. This makes it easier for customers to know when their orders will arrive and stay informed throughout the process.

grocery delivery script -Live-Order-Tracking
grocery delivery script -Push-Notifications

Push Notifications

We have a push notifications option that has to be a great way to increase user engagement on your delivery script. You can set up push notifications to alert users when their orders have been received when their orders have shipped, when their orders have been delivered, and when new product offerings are available.

Review & Ratings

The Review & Ratings feature of the grocery delivery service enables customers to provide feedback on their experience. Customers can rate the delivery service, leave comments and feedback, and even suggest products they'd like to see in the future. This provides businesses with invaluable insights into how customers perceive their services and enables them to make improvements accordingly.

grocery delivery script -Review--Ratings

Grocery Delivery Scrip Standard Features

Laravel Framework

Our Grocery delivery script is open-source software designed and developed by the Laravel framework. It is the most popular MVC framework which is safe and secure. It is easy to customize and scale.

SEO Friendly

Our readymade delivery script is an entirely SEO-friendly clone script. Every code has been developed and focused on the SEO-supported coding structure.

Responsive Design

The online delivery platform has a completely responsive design. It can be accessible by a variety of devices, including mobile, tablets, laptops, and desktops. 

Site settings

Site settings provide the admin the ability to make broad changes to the website, such as changing the name, logo, favicon, default languages, default currencies, auto-approval properties, and primary color.

Google Recaptcha

Google Recaptcha technology protects the website from spamming and other harmful actions and builds consumer trust.

Admin Reports

The admin can generate a number of reports, including overview, booking, and data analysis reports. These reports indicate the functioning of the platform.

Great User Experience

Multi-vendor delivery script provides a great user experience when it comes to surfing and exploring the website. Likewise, a layman can easily understand to list properties, make bookings, and so on.

Easy To Maintain

Open source delivery script is completely adaptable to your needs and scalable. You can monitor the entire website’s activities and modify whatever you need. Correspondingly, you can hire us for more customization.

Load Faster

The latest technologies were specifically used in the development of the delivery clone script to ensure quick loading and improved user experience. Websites that load quickly will rank well in search results.

Admin Commission Policy

After the completion of a booking, admin will get the commission fee and the rest of the cost will sent to the host account. The Admin commission gives by in terms of percentages.

Refund Policy

If the guest cancels the booking a refund will be provided based on the cancellation policy for the particular listing.

Cancellation Policy

When the guest likes to cancel their booking before the check-in date, simply they can cancel and get refund their money.

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Grocery Delivery Script Free Live Demo – Web & App

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Folder permission requirements :

  • Select write permission for bellow folders.
  • storage/app/
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  • bootstrap/cache/

Grocery Delivery Script is the perfect solution for businesses looking to streamline their grocery delivery operations. It offers an easy-to-use interface for managing orders, tracking deliveries, managing customers, and more. With its comprehensive set of features, An this online delivery script is the ideal choice for businesses of all sizes.

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Grocery Delivery Script Version History & Change Logs

  • Initial Release