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Uber Clone

Next-generation taxi booking app solution to build and launch your taxi business with advanced features and stunning user interfaces.

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What is Uber Clone?

An Uber Clone is a white-label taxi booking app solution with the exact core functionalities and business model of Uber. It provides on-demand taxi booking services and also allows entrepreneurs or people who are looking to build and establish their own branded taxi booking business efficiently. It comes with a wide range of features such as real-time ride tracking, and user-friendly experiences on both web and mobile apps.


What do we offer ?

We have an experienced and dedicated team to develop high-quality products, ensuring users can access services coherently on both web and mobile apps.

Rider App

Driver App

Admin Panel

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What are the potential benefits of investing in Uber clone apps at this time?

Market Demand

By increasing demand for urban transportation services it favors tech-driven Uber clone apps for enhanced user experiences in underserved areas.

Cost Efficiency

Using an Uber clone saves costs with pre-built features, cutting-edge development time, and significant expenses compared to custom-built solutions.

Revenue Generation

Maximize your business profits via diverse channels like ride commissions, advertising, and premium membership plans in the Uber Clone app.

Uber Cone Core Features


Ride and History

In a single tap, a driver can view their entire ride history details transactions for every ride in this app.

Call and Message Notification

The driver will get notifications like calls and messages regarding rider requests, payments, ride completion, and more.

Invoice Generation

When the ride is completed the driver can get the invoice for the particular ride.

Real-Time Location

It may help the drivers reach the exact location for the customers prefer to start their ride on time.

Document Verification

The admin can verify the driver’s documents so they will access an app.

Availability Status

Drivers can easily change the mode to make a available to the riders.

Accounts Integration

Drivers include their bank account details in the app to get a payment instantly when the ride is done.

Cancel Booking

In our script have the option that drivers can accept or cancel the rider before it starts.

Support Multi-Map

Our app has multiple map settings options like, google maps, Map Box, and Open Street Map

Ride Preference

Riders can effortlessly book a ride while having things like packages, and pets and waiting for a pickup and drop off option.

Cancel Booking

The riders can cancel the booking before pickup

Coupons and Discounts

Riders will get some rewards or benefits for making riders such as discounts and coupons.

Rider Wallet

With our Uber clone app, riders can easily pay an amount for the ride through their wallet.

Mark as Favorite

Riders can mark their favorite locations in our app.

Ride History

Riders get all the ride details like pickup and drop locations, payment process, pricing, and more at a single tap.

Ride Booking and Schedule

The Uber clone app allows users or riders to book a ride immediately or schedule a ride for later

Multiple Payment Processes

Coupon and Discount Management


Reports and Statistics

Flexible Fee Management

Optimal Fleet Management

Track Riders and Drivers:

Event Management

Effective Communication

Real-Time Notifications

Smooth Complaint Solution

Request Management

Vehicle Management

Rider/Driver Management

Real-Time Insights

Drivers and Riders Management

Optimal Fleet Management

Advertising Tools

Define a System Parameter

Allow Multiple Users

Main Features

Our Uber clone script offers many features to enhance your taxi booking app.

Social Media Via Login

Customers can sign up for this app with the help of their social media and share their feedback on it.

Easy Login/Registration

Both drivers and riders will sign in to get the dashboard and the admin can manage their dashboards.

Review and Ratings

Riders give reviews and ratings for their ride in the app, which may help the drivers get many riders.

Multi-Languages Support

Our app has been designed with all countries’ languages supported without fail.

Multiple Payment Process

We offer multiple payment gateways such as Case, PayPal, card, and more.

100% Source Code

As per the package selection, you will get a 100% source code. Clients can edit and change the code as per their requirements.


Develop a fully customizable and reliable taxi booking app with wide range of services for every business requirement.

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Our Online Taxi Booking App Development Process

We provide top-tier Uber clone app development services to users across the world. Our developers give customized software equipped with essential features and functionalities like Uber

Market Research

Conducting deep research and gathering insights into the market trends and user preferences to make strategic decisions.

Requirement Gathering

It’s a crucial step in the development process because we gather clients’ expectations, like detailed business objectives, the purpose of development, and more.


Once the above steps are done, let’s go for a design process based on the client’s requirements. And frequently engage with clients for every stage because it may ensure that our process is perfectly aligned with their needs.


After that, we had a detailed consultation with clients about the above process and then started an Uber-like app development process along with the latest technologies that are suitable for the industry.


When design and development are done, our dedicated testing team conducts a thorough analysis of the entire website. If any errors or bugs are promptly addressed by our team during this phase, and ensure that we deliver a flawless service without bugs.


All the above process was completed with the help of our client’s knowledge. Then it is time to launch the Uber like app and we remain committed to supporting our clients with 24/7 customer support

Technology We Used

Our premium marketplace scripts and WordPress are incorporated with most advanced technologies to deliver website with maximum performance, flexibility and security.

Our scripts are tailored to encompass the unique functionalities of today’s popular Internet business models, including e-commerce platforms, service marketplaces, and rental booking services.

Embrace technological solutions for the development of your online business with us.

How the Uber Clone App Works

Discover the efficient functionality behind the Uber clone app and let’s have a look at how it works.


Initiate a Ride Request

Riders access the app, enter their destination, and select their ride preferences.


Drive Approved the Request

Nearby drivers approve the rider request and users receive the confirmation with driver information.


Track the Location

Riders can track the live location of drivers as they proceed to the pick-up point.


Ride Completion

When the ride ends at the destination users can exit the vehicle.


Payment Via the App

The payment function was processed through the app with a wide range of payment gateways.


Rating the Ride

Both riders and drivers can rate each other and provide feedback about their ride-sharing experience.

60+ Prebuild

Take a look:

on-demand taxi booking solutions,

We have dedicated and experienced developers to deliver the on-demand taxi booking app and services to users worldwide. Our few trending taxi booking solutions are listed below

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Free Web Installation

We provide a free web installation service to setup and manage your website running effortlessly.

Free App Submission

You can launch your app easily by utilizing our free app submission services.

1 Year Free Tech Support

Get one year of complimentary technical support to assist you with any issues, by ensuring smooth operation of your system.

100% Source Code

Gain customization with 100% source code included. Let’s build and manage your project to perfectly match your requirements.

Why Choose Us?

On Demand Industries We Serve

Migrateshop provides an advanced Uber clone script equipped with cutting-edge features, functions, and essential tools for global customers. Our experienced team will deliver a full-stack Uber clone app tailored to meet the diverse business requirements of around 100+ clients.

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FAQ and Version History

Get Answers for your Queries and Stay Updated

Queries & Solutions

Looking for answers? Get them right here.

Uber Clone - FAQ

Do you have any queries about our Uber clone? The below FAQ will give you the best solution to all your questions.

What is Uber Clone Script?

An Uber clone script is a ready-to-go software solution that has the exact core features and functions that you need to build and launch your taxi booking app, enabling you to establish a competitive presence in the industry efficiently.

What does it mean to have 100% source code?

When you purchase an Uber clone from Migrateshop, you will receive a 100% source code, which will empower you to customize and manage your platform.

How can I connect with you for any assistance or queries?

You can contact us at to clarify your queries as you need.

How much does the Uber Clone App cost?

The development cost of the Uber clone app is aligned with our client’s budgets. We provide the best Uber clone script at a competitive rate to adapt to the diverse needs of clients, with the flexibility to adjust based on specific business requirements.

Can I resell the Migrateshop's Uber clone after purchase?

Once you are purchased with Migrateshop’s Uber clone script, please keep it not for resold. As per our policy, we will take legal action for reselling our products.

Server Requirements

Requires a Linux VPS and Google Maps account with billing enabled. The Google Maps API for distance calculation.

Version 1.0

Initial Version
Version 1.1 (June, 2024)

Multiple New Features Added