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Uber Clone

Uber Clone App

Uber Clone is an online taxi booking app, which is the best online riding service and cost-effective business to become a billionaire.

uber clone
What ?

What is Uber Clone?

Uber Clone is a 100% customizable and reliable online taxi booking app that helps entrepreneurs and startups start their businesses to make money and become rich. Our world-class Uber clone app is developed with unique features, UI, UX, low budget, functionalities, and the latest technologies.

Uber clone solutions offer many opportunities to entrepreneurs in the digital world, and that helps to make an unconditional profit and gives them a worldwide brand. Our team delivered Whitelabel, a customizable Uber clone app script, to the users.

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Migrateshop offers world-class products and services that can be accessed on both web and mobile applications and with advanced technologies.

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Uber Clone Features

Rider Features

Trip Destination

Rider Dashboard

Region-based services

Call or in-app Chat

Reviews and Ratings

Driver Call or in-app Chat

Coupon System

Transaction History

Online Payment Methods

Announcements Section

Rider in-app Wallet

Driver Features

Available Status

Google API Calculators

Ride Cancellation

Announcements Section

Driver Call or in-app Chat

Admin Features

Driver/Rider Management

Easily manage and view detailed activities and records of drivers and riders.

Fee Calculation

Define and set parameters for fee calculation for your services.

Payment Gateway Integration

Define and integrate payment gateways for users to pay for trips and top up their wallets.

Car Database

Create a database of car models and colors for assigning to drivers later.


Service Request Management

View and search through all service requests from one central location.

Fleet Management

Create and manage fleets, assign drivers, and set commission percentages.

Service Overview

Get insights into your service’s current status, including the number of online drivers and key statistics.

Operating Regions

Define the regions where your app will operate.


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