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Udemy Clone Script

Udemy Clone is a software solution that enables entrepreneurs to launch their own online learning platform with all key features.

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What is Udemy Clone Script?

Udemy clone script lets the entrepreneurs start their online learning platform that enables users to make and distribute shared online courses. The script is a fully functional platform that includes a user-friendly interface, unique themes, payment gateways, and a number of other features. It is the perfect choice for individuals who want to develop their own online learning platforms like udemy, Coursera, etc.

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Udemy Clone Script Built in Features

Instructor-Student-Signup udemy clone

Instructor/Student Signup

Udemy clone provides a convenient and easy way for instructors and students to register and create their profiles on the platform. It makes the process of signing up easy and straightforward. This feature allows instructors/students to input their personal information and credentials, add a profile picture, etc.

Course Creation

The Course Creation feature enables instructors to easily and efficiently create courses for students to purchase and access. From the instructor Dashboard, they can could create courses that include audio, video, and image files as well as quiz, exams, and questionnaires. Additionally, instructors can set goals for their courses, and create documents to share with students.

Also, instructors are able to control course subscriptions, set course prices, and provide discounts and coupons. The instructors may create simple interactive, and engaging lessons for their students.

Course-Creation udemy clone
Advanced-Search-Category udemy clone

Search for Course Category

The Advanced Search category allows users to quickly and easily identify courses relevant to their needs. With the help of this feature, students can focus their search results by selecting one of the following categories: coding, design, business, IT & software, office productivity, personal development, photography, health & fitness, music, marketing, lifestyle, teacher training, game development, web development, etc.

Checkout Cart

The Udemy clone checkout cart is designed to provide students with a safe and simple manner to purchase courses. The checkout cart has a course management system that allows students to simply track the status of their courses.

Checkout-Cart udemy clone

Multiple Payment Options

Udemy clone script allows the instructor to receive payments from students in a variety of ways. Payments can be accepted via online payment gateways such as PayPal and Stripe. Moreover, you can accept payments using debit and credit cards.

Multiple Language Options

Udemy clone script supports multiple languages, which allows visitors to access the website in their favorite language. This feature makes it simpler for students to understand the course in their preferred language and take benefit of the website features.

Track-Student-Report-udemy clone

Track Student Report

Udemy clone script offers a comprehensive method for tracking student reports. It includes methods for tracking topics like course completion, course progress, student performance, student engagement, etc.

Instant Notification

When a new course is added to the platform, the students can instantly. By giving them access to the latest course information, this feature keeps the students informed. Additionally, it makes the entire process automatic and reduces your physical work. The notification message can also be altered to suit your needs.

Course-Certificates udemy clone

Course Certificates

The Certificate eature of Udemy Clone Script enables instructors to provide certificate for the students once they successfully complete a course. The criteria for giving certificates can also be defined by the instructors, such as a required minimum score or completing all tests. With the help of this feature, instructors can easily make and manage certificates for their courses.

Ratings and Review

Students can review and rate their courses and instructors using the Ratings and Reviews feature. Students can give feedback on their courses, which aids instructors in making their courses more interesting and engaging. Also, instructors have the option to reply to student reviews, which promotes trust and results in a more personalized learning environment. This feature also helps other students in making informed selections by allowing them to check ratings and reviews before purchasing a course.

Ratings-and-Reviews udemy clone

Easy To Customize

The Udemy clone script is a complete online learning platform with an easy customization procedure. It can be customized to fit your elearning business ideas. Businesses can quickly develop their own learning platform for their instructor, or students with the use of the Udemy clone script.

Udemy Clone Standard Features

Laravel Framework

Our Udemy Clone is an open-source software designed and developed by the Laravel framework. It is the most popular MVC framework which is safe and secure. It is easy to customize and scale.

SEO Friendly

Udemy clone  is an entirely SEO-friendly clone script. Every code has been developed and focused on the SEO-supported coding structure.

Responsive Design

The online Learning platform has a completely responsive design. It can be accessible by a variety of devices, including mobile, tablets, laptops, and desktops. 

Site settings

Site settings provide the admin the ability to make broad changes to the website, such as changing the name, logo, favicon, default languages, default currencies, auto-approval properties, and primary color.

Google Recaptcha

Google Recaptcha technology protects the website from spamming and other harmful actions and builds consumer trust.

Admin Reports

The admin can generate a number of reports, including overview, booking, and data analysis reports. These reports indicate the functioning of the platform.

Great User Experience

Udemy clone provides a great user experience when it comes to surfing and exploring the website. Likewise, a layman can easily understand to list properties, make bookings, and so on.

Easy To Maintain

Udemy clone script is completely adaptable to your needs and scalable. You can monitor the entire website’s activities and modify whatever you need. Correspondingly, you can hire us for more customization.

Load Faster

The latest technologies were specifically used in the development of the udemy clone script to ensure quick loading and improved user experience. Websites that load quickly will rank well in search results.

Admin Commission Policy

After the completion of a booking, admin will get the commission fee and the rest of the cost will sent to the host account. The Admin commission gives by in terms of percentages.

Refund Policy

If the guest cancels the booking a refund will be provided based on the cancellation policy for the particular listing.

Cancellation Policy

When the guest likes to cancel their booking before the check-in date, simply they can cancel and get refund their money.

Why Choose Us?


Free Server Installation

Migrateshop provides 1st Time free installation service when the purchase is done, if you are providing Cpanel/FTP login details.

Free app submission

Our Team will Submit and upload your Android and iOS applications on Google Play and Apple Store without any cost. 

Support after app rejection

Don't worry if your app is rejected, still our team will help you to re-submit and publish your apps.

No cost white label:

After you've made the purchase, you can change the brand name with your company name and brand identities.

100% Source Code

we provide 100% source code which can be customized to meet your requirements.

Free Technical Support

Our support team will respond to your queries rapidly through Whatsapp, email, and skype.

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    • Single Domain license
    • One-Time Payment
    • 100% Source Code
    • 1 Year Support
    • Unlimited Updates
    • Free Installation
    • Android Webview App
    • IOS Webview App
    • Mobile App Submission
    • Access All Features

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Please check your server with our requirements
    • PHP 8
    • JSON PHP Extension
    • Mbstring PHP Extension
    • OpenSSL PHP Extension
    • PDO PHP Extension
    • XML PHP Extension
    • Extension
    • Allow_url_fopen = on
    • Max_execution_time = 300
    • Memory_limit = 256M
    • Upload_max_filesize = 60M
    • Zlib.output_compression = on

    Folder permission requirements :

    • Select write permission for bellow folders.
    • storage/app/
    • storage/framework/
    • storage/logs/
    • bootstrap/cache/

    Udemy clone script is a ready-made solution that allows businesses to create their own online learning platform. This script has been designed with cutting-edge features and functionalities, including dashboards, user management, payment gateway integration, course tracking, and course creation and management. It also has a mobile app for iOS and Android.

    The copy of your Script/theme does not contain an encrypted file. It provides you with complete control over how you customize it to suit your requirements.

    We provide a free installation service. And if you want to install a new domain or change the domain, you have to pay. If you want to install it yourself, please follow the steps in our documentation. Still, if you want us to install it, you need to contact our support and submit your cPanel or FTP credentials.

    Depending on the package you purchase, our support team will do a free installation on your recommended Linux server or hosting for the first time. For additional installation, you have to pay an additional fee. It does not include any support, setup, or installation on your local machine or host.

    Migrateshop always continues to add new features, enhance the existing features, and fix bugs as they arise. And, you can have our script latest updated version until your free update is valid.

    In case, If you have modified/customized the source code and want to have the existing data in the latest version, we will charge additionally depending on the desired total hours. For further information, please contact our support team.

    Yes, based on your purchased package, you can get the update.

    If your support package has expired, Our Support team is readily accessible, and you may contact us for further information.

    Once purchasing, you can get in touch with our support team by sending an email to or submitting the support form with your queries.

    We will provide support if you are stuck with configuring and installation our theme (or) if you face any bugs with our theme. If the bug is critical, we will give you a timeline to fix it.

    Note: Support will not cover customizing our product (or) adding the new features. It will be an additional cost.

    • Difficulties with your local device’s installation
    • Script reinstallation
    • Whereas, the issues with Git as a result of failing to follow the instructions
    • Issues with updated code or if you/your team has done the customization

    Depending on the queue, our tech support team will reply to all of your inquiries through email.

    On working days, our support team will respond within 24 to 48 hours, depending on the queue.

    Yes, of course. It is ONE TIME PAYMENT to buy our script.

    Paypal & Credit/Card/Net Banking is available. Is your country does not support PayPal, you can make the payment on Razorpay Method using your credit/Debit cards. If you are not able to pay with PayPal & Razorpay, Still you can buy our theme using Western Union Money, MoneyGram. Contact our support team for payment details.

    If you are looking for Arabic translation & RTL direction we will do as custom jobs. It will be an additional cost. please contact our support team for payment details.

    No. Any script/theme from Migrateshop isn’t designed to be re-sold or distributed. You are liable for legal action if you violate someone else’s intellectual property.

    A single domain license can only be used for one business per domain. likewise, you can have only one domain

    A multi-domain license can be made use of for a more extensive number of businesses on multiple domains. For Instance, you can have multiple domains like,, and so on.

    Yes. We will do the customization services for our scripts/themes. If you like to customize our theme design (or) looking to add any new feature we will do that as custom development jobs. And it will be take an additional cost.

    But, if the source code files have been modified from your end, we will be unable to give technical support.

    Yes, you have complete control over your website’s ownership.

    Udemy Clone Version History & Change Logs

    • Initial Release