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Magnify your eCommerce Business with Etsy Clone Open Source

Start an online marketplace like Etsy that can take your e-commerce store to the pinnacle of success and create a solid brand identity for your potential customers. Attempting to put your feet firmly on the ground in the eCommerce market today is almost like confronting the websites like Etsy. The Etsy Clone Open Source Script from Migratehshop will help you to create the eCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace. It also lets the vendors magnify their e-commerce business. Website like Etsy has an excellent ability to include users in an e-commerce store.

How to Build Website like Etsy

The Etsy clone open source script, Buy2Etsy, helps to create the eCommerce Website Similar to Etsy. It let the website owner generate profit by allowing the sellers to sell their products on the website. Here are the steps that involve building a website like Etsy.

Create Website Domain Name and Hosting

To drive more consumers to your eCommerce website, then a strong business name is the most significant. The domain should reflect your business name so that the customers can identify your website easily. So, the first step is to decide the domain name and purchases it from a hosting provider.

Build Your Website with Etsy Clone Script from Migrateshop

With Migrateshop Etsy Clone Script, you don’t need to code for creating your website. Buy2Etsy is the Etsy clone WordPress theme, it is the ready-made script. Using this you can launch your website easily and quickly. It is enriched with all the advanced features like Etsy. And it is the open-source script, so it can be customized according to the client’s needs.

How Etsy Clone Open Source Works


The Etsy Clone Open Source Script lets your start or expands your eCommerce Business. This eCommerce Website has three roles such as Admin, Seller, and Customers. The admin is the owner of the eCommerce Website. Admin can manage the whole website from the admin panel. And the admin will pay the amount to the vendor for every sale done on the site.

To use the website the Vendor and the Customer should be registered on the website Using their Mail id or Social media accounts. Once they registered, the customers can buy the products from the eCommerce site. And the vendors can create their store and start listing the products for sales. And the Vendors can manage the orders and products from the front end dashboard.

The Migrateshop Etsy Clone Open Source script has all the essential and advanced features. So the Admin can easily manage the vendors, users, and all the transactions on the website. This script allows more than one vendor to use the platform for selling their products to a wide range of customers. Etsy Clone is one of the best scripts to establish the eCommrce Multi vendor Marketplace website similar to Etsy.