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How to Create a Website Like Amazon

Amazon is the world’s largest revenue-earning eCommerce marketplace. The growth of Amazon is massive. More than 500 Top Brands in the world are selling their products on the Amazon platform. Amazon earns from the commission on each sale made by the sellers. A report says, that the average amazon gets 15% of the commission for a product. Beyond the commission, it is also earning money from the sellers to market their products. “After seeing the success of Amazon, every entrepreneur has the idea to create a website like amazon. But the first question arising in their mind is where to start, and how?”

Creating a website like an amazon from scratch will be more expensive and time-consuming. And it needs coding knowledge. Everyone prefers the method which is cost-effective and less time-consuming. 

Create Your website like Amazon:

Here, Migrateshop came up with the solution to create your eCommerce marketplace website like amazon. Migrateshop is the place, where you can get your online marketplace website same as amazon. It offers the clone script of amazon. Using the amazon clone script, you can make your ready-made online eCommerce marketplace website similar to amazon. 

buy2market-website like amazon

The Amazon clone script has highlighting features such as:

  • Multi-vendor supported – Anyone can register as the seller. And create their store from the seller dashboard.
  • Multi-language – This amazon clone site, supports more than one language. So you can use this platform in other languages also. 
  • Multiple Payment Processors – It supports the payment gateways PayPal, COD, Bank, Check. If the user requires other payment gateways, they can be added. 
  • It is designed and developed using the WordPress cms PHP framework.
  • User-friendly platform.
  • Responsive Design – The amazon clone WordPress theme is designed to support devices such as a mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop. 
  • Front End dashboard – Though, it has the front end dashboard. The seller can add their products from the front end. It doesn’t need the admin panel to add the products.

With the above features, Migrateshop helps to make the Amazon clone site. From this, you can start your eCommerce business and can generate revenue from the website. Create Your Own Marketplace Website with our Amazon Clone Script and Start earning through admin commission.

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