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Ultimate Vacation Rental script comes with Airbnb Clone App

In recent days the vacation rental business is booming. The best example of a successful rental business is Airbnb. Its growth is immense. After knowing its growth, every startup owner has the thought to start their own vacation rental business.

Before starting your vacation rental business, you must need a reliable website and a mobile app like Airbnb. You can either build your website like Airbnb from the base, Or you can go for the best ready clone scripts. Migrateshop Airbnb Clone script is the perfect solution to start your shared economy business like Airbnb.

There are many clone scripts of Airbnb available. One of the best Airbnb clone script, which also comes with the Airbnb clone app is Buy2Rental. Buy2Rental is the vacation rental script, which let the entrepreneurs commence their rental business.

This Airbnb clone script is 100% customizable and scalable, it comes with both Android and iOS mobile apps. Today, smartphone and mobile apps usage are increased rapidly. So, Building the vacation rental platform with the Airbnb clone app will help to reach your customers globally. Migrateshop provides the ultimate Airbnb clone script.

Activities can be done through the Airbnb Clone App

The Airbnb clone app will help you to do activities such as listing the properties, maintaining the multiple bookings, managing the multiple property owners, offering discounts, ensuring and providing the quality services and the best experiences to the guests and more.

Features of Airbnb clone app

  • The host can list and manage their properties like home, room or some other places which they renting out from their mobile app.
  • The Migrateshop’s Airbnb Clone has the GPS based searching feature, it let the guest search the space availability based on their location.
  • The Airbnb clone app allows the host to set the custom rate for particular days like seasonal based, holiday based price, weekend based price.
  • The host can set the availability dates for the property booking using the calendar feature.
  • Airbnb Clone Laravel script supports Multi-currency. Geo location-based auto currency switcher feature is available in our clone script. You can also add more currency based on your requirements.


If you are searching for the Airbnb Clone Script to start the business, then Migrateshop is the place to build your Airbnb clone app. This Clone app gives clients the benefit of making a holiday trip. The Migrateshop is the best option for you to have such a platform like Airbnb for your shared economy business.

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