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Top clone scripts to kick start your eCommerce marketplace business

If you heard the word clone script, you thought that clone scripts are the exact copy of the original websites. But it is not the whole exact copy of websites. The clone script is creating a new website. That is inspired by the existing website. The clone website will have its unique design and features. It helps to create a new marketplace website like eBay, Etsy, Amazon, Alibaba, Etsy, TaskRabbit, etc.

Reasons for choosing clone scripts


Clone scripts are the best solution for entrepreneurs, who want to start their eCommerce marketplace business. Here are some reasons why to choose clone scripts:

  • Creating a new marketplace website from scratch will be more time consuming and need to spend more money. But clone scripts are available at low costs.
  • The clone scripts are ready-made. So it is ready to deploy anytime.
  • Also, it can be customized according to your requirements.
  • It doesn’t need the coding knowledge to create your marketplace website.


There are many clone scripts providers are available in the market.  They offer the top clone scripts of popular websites. Migrateshop is the platform, where you can find the top clone scripts to kick start your own eCommerce marketplace business. The below is the list of top clone scripts:

Vacation Rental Script

Buy2Rental - Airbnb clone script

If you want to start a business and make money by renting out the properties. Then the vacation rental script will help you to do that. Buy2Rental is the clone script of Airbnb. It is one of the top clone scripts in the market. Migrateshop’s Airbnb clone script is an excellent solution to start the shared economy business. It allows you to start your vacation rental script instantly.

eCommerce multi-vendor marketplace scripts

The E-commerce marketplace is the platform or a website. From where anyone can buy/sell different kinds of products from multiple vendors. The owner of the website is responsible for handling the transactions for the sales and the admin commission.
The popularity of eCommerce marketplace websites like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Alibaba, and Aliexpress inspires many entrepreneurs. Many entrepreneurs have a plan to start their own marketplace websites. And the best way to commence the eCommerce marketplace script.  Selecting the best ready-made scripts from the top clone scripts of popular websites like Amazon, Alibaba, etc.
Here, the top clone scripts of eCommerce marketplace script, which allows the entrepreneurs to earn money.

Amazon clone script

Buy2Market - amazon clone

Buy2Market –Amazon clone script, Migrateshop Amazon clone is an excellent solution to start your eCommerce marketplace business. It supports a single storefront with multi-seller supports. So More than one vendor can use this platform to sell their products on this website.

Alibba clone script

Buy2Alibaba – Alibaba Clone Script

If you are planning to build the b2b eCommerce website. You can choose the Buy2Alibaba, It is the B2B marketplace script. This script helps to connect the makers and the dealers in the worldwide market. Migrateshop Alibaba clone script is enhanced with the basic features like multi-vendor support, multiple languages, multiple payment gateways.

Aliexpress clone script


Aliexpress clone is one of the B2C multi-vendor marketplace websites. With the help of Migrateshop’s Aliexpress clone script. You can launch your eCommerce marketplace website instantly. It is the open-source clone script, which is developed by the CMS Open Source PHP framework. Buy2Aliexpress is the PHP clone script that has all the features like Aliexpress.

eBay clone script

Buy2Ebay - ebay clone-script

An online auction is similar to the traditional auction. It gives chances for people from various parts of the world to sell their products or services. Buy2eBay is a ready-made auction script.  It can be used to start your own online auction website. The eBay clone script provides a user-friendly back end. It allows the website owner to manage the multiple sellers. Also, helps in creating a marketplace for vendors with unlimited categories.

Etsy clone script

Buy2Etsy – Etsy Clone

If you are a person, who wants to build a website like Esty. Then Migrateshop Etsy clone script allows you to build the eCommerce marketplace website similar to Etsy. Buy2Esty is one of the top clone scripts, that can be customized according to the user’s requirements.

Service Marketplace scripts

For the past few years, the growth of the on-demand service marketplace is rapid. Nowadays people need everything to be done online. Moreover, the service marketplaces like TaskRabbit, handy, thumbtack, uber, zomato, amazon, eBay makes all the service available doorstep.
Using the service marketplace clone scripts Thumbsup, Tasky, Buy2Handy. You can start your service marketplace website. By these scripts, you can provide various services to customers like plumbing, cleaning, laundry, and other handyman services.

Taskrabbit clone script

Tasky - taskrabbit clone

Tasky is the clone script of TaskRabbit. It has all the basic and advanced features like TaskRabbit. It is the multi-vendor service marketplace script. So, more than one professional can use this platform.

Thumbtack clone script

Thumbsup - thumbtack clone script

Migrateshop’s Thumbsup is the clone script of Thumbtack. It lets the startup owners commence their service marketplace business instantly. Like thumbtack, it is also works based on the same concept. From this script, the user can select the professionals by either posting the job or directly search for a particular professional. The professionals can add their services under various categories.

Handy clone script

Buy2Handy - Handy clone script

Buy2Handy – Handy clone script is the multi-vendor service marketplace script. It enables the entrepreneurs to start their service marketplace website like handy. It is developed using the Laravel framework. Using this clone script you can service the marketplace website quickly.

Digital Goods Marketplace Script

Buy2themeforest – Digital Marketplace WordPress Theme Digital Marketplace Script Envato Clone

Ever questioned how are the business owners earning mone, by simply providing an online digital goods platform to the sellers and buyers. The answer is the digital goods marketplace website. It allows you to sell a digital product. If you are looking for the best solution.  To have a multi-vendor digital good marketplace. Then DigiMonster is the best answer. Our Themeforest Clone WordPress Script is particularly helpful, for those who are planning to build the digital marketplace website.


The above are the top clone scripts to kick start your eCommerce marketplace websites. Migrateshop provides the best clones to their clients. It makes their customers earn using its clone scripts. It develops the ready-made PHP clone scripts, which are 100% customizable and scalable. Migrateshop also offers the free live demo for all their clone scripts.

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