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Published on: Digital Marketplace Script

Most Popular Digital Marketplace Script 2020

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Digital Marketplace Script is a type of eCommerce site that sells and buys digital products and goods from multiple sellers. Nowadays, many businesses are looking for a more effective way to sell and buy Digital Products. And, WordPress Theme like Themeforest brings more advantages for building a website for buying and selling digital products, admin commission method, etc. Themeforest clone WordPress Theme is the most popular script for creating amazing Digital Marketplace Websites with attractive features. Our Themeforest Clone Script provides Multivendor Marketplace for Sell Digital Products. Some features mentioned here,

  • Multivendor Option
  • Admin Commission
  • Add and Remove the items
  • Revenue modules
  • Anyone can sell & buy items
  • No more complex procedures, etc.

ThemeForest clone script is the best Digital Marketplace software because it is easy to setup, customize and manage. It comes with a robust set of features that enable users to quickly create a digital marketplace for selling digital products like themes, plugins, graphics, audio, and video files. The script is highly customizable and allows users to configure the look and feel of the marketplace, add their own branding, and even integrate features like PayPal, Stripe, and other payment gateways. Additionally, it is SEO friendly and comes with an extensive set of analytics tools to help track the performance of the marketplace.Get your Digital Marketplace Script from Migrateshop and kick-start your online digital marketplace website in a few moments.

How does Digital Marketplace Script work with Themeforest Clone?

Our Themeforest Clone Script, DigiMonster helps to create an attractive Digital Marketplace Website and Manage multiple vendors, Product Management, Payment Gateway and etc.

Vendor / Seller Module:

  • Vendors can Register or log in with their social accounts.
  • After login has to create a store for their business.
  • Have to give some information about the business like the brand logo, description about that and etc.
  • Once create a store have to add items for sale.
  • Payment method whether PayPal or Stripe or bank account.
  • Vendors can also add their social pages for their business.
  • Display the products available for download directly from the site for free or premium.

Buyer / User Modules:

  • Before entering into the purchase users have to register or log in with their social accounts.
  • Purchase an item with enabled payment gateways.
  • Users or Buyers have another facility or option like Apply Become a Vendor.
digital marketplace script - themeforest clone

Admin Panel:

  • Manage the Seller and Buyer information.
  • Admin manually or auto Approve the vendor application.
  • Verify Vendor Details.
  • Admin can set up with commission fee & transaction fee.
  • Admin commission detection at the time of sales.
  • Payout of vendor commission due – Payment process on weekly/monthly.
  • Admin dashboard changes the payment process as Mark us Paid – commission due.
  • Add Membership plans for sellers.
  • Manage the Ad-Campaign for their Business growth.

Organizers or startups can efficiently handle the website for selling and buying digital goods. The Digital Products Marketplace using our Themeforest Clone Script. We provide fully responsive customization and a user-friendly script so the customers can handle and maintain their website easily.