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Get the Perfect Solution for Space Rental Business with our Airbnb Clone Script

What is Space Rental Script?

Space rental script is a professional approach for managing the interactions and relationships between the space owners and end-customers. Using our script, you can build the website for your Space Rental Business layrenting out the spaces, like office space, warehouses, etc. Get unlimited users and reservations, rental space would enrich your marketplace platform with better user engagement. The Buy2Rental, Space Rental Script lets you earn admin commission for each and every transaction.

How Our Space Rental Business Script Works

How Our Space Rental Business Script Works

Buy2airbnb is the best Property Rental Script where you can create rental software for all kinds of rental businesses according to your business goals. It’s like Office Space, Warehouse space, parking slot, etc. Our Airbnb Clone Open Source was supported by Model-View-Controller Architecture.

Here I have explained how Our Space Rental Business Script Works by the help of flow diagram.

How Our Space Rental Business Script Works


Who are all like to rent out their particular properties for a short period of time they are called as a guest. Also, you can rent out our extra space for Office Space, Warehouse space, parking slot with the help of our Vacation Space Rental Script. After completing registration getting over they start searching and booking. Here once they select the listing and go for the searching by checking the time. Moreover, the host lists their products; it’s used to find that particular product for the guest. Once selecting the products they go for booking the part.

Before entering into the booking guest need to give the request to the host. Once the host accepts the request means the payment transaction will start after all the booking and transaction process was over just have to give the review and rating for that, particular services.


Here the word Host denotes as was who is like to rent their products or properties with the help of Airbnb Clone Laravel. The host must register their personal info and need details about their properties. Once the listing part was after they go for booking the part. If Price and another check-in/checkout, further details are over host must accept that request from the guest for that particular booking

Once the host accepts that request the transaction will be started whether it’s PayPal, credit card or some other method. After completing the booking and payment host also gives the review and rating for that particular booking.


The intermediate between host and guest called Admin. All the listing and booking details are stored in the admin panel. While the guest gives the request admin connects to the host. After the request was accepted the booking process was started. Once all the process was over Admin detects the commission amount and returns to the host. If guests, like to cancel the booking means the admin accepts the cancellation policy and the amount will be refunded to the guest.

Our Vacation Rental Script is the most widely used software for Online Rental Business. Online Rental Business like rental out some space for commercial purposes like office usages, parking slots, warehouse space and etc. Also, it has lots of facilities like listing, booking, and transaction management likewise. If you are having some ideas to start B2C means Airbnb Clone Script is perfectly suited for you. It also helps to increase the Vacation Rental Business entities as well as the customer.

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