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Rental Solutions Reserva – New Product Launch at Migrateshop

Migrateshop is glad to announce our newly launched product such as Rental Solutions – Reserva after a few months of effort and dedication. By clicking this URL you can check out our newly released product.

A Buy2Reserva Script has been supported with powerful web-based software solutions designed to help businesses streamline their multiple rental booking operations similar to the Airbnb clone script. It allows users to manage their hotel, car, apartment, space, beauty service, experiences, and other rental marketplace from a single platform. The system features an intuitive user interface with powerful tools and features to help businesses save time and increase efficiency.

What’s New?

The Rental Script, in general, is an all-in-one rental management solution that makes it simple for businesses to manage various rental marketplaces. It’s a web-based software program made to streamline the renting procedure and give tenants and landlords a positive leasing experience. This script makes it simple to build and maintain rental packages, enabling you to provide your customers with unique rental packages. You may easily control your rental pricing, discounts, and promotions as well. Also, the Rental software gives you the power to manage your reservations and bookings in real-time.

Elegant features of our Rental Solutions – Reserva

Let’s have a look at the list of features which has been included in our Rental solutions – Reserva.

Those are,

Now we are explaines briefly about those listed features one by one below,

Multiplace Services

In this script allows users to manage multiple rental services from a single platform. Those services are car rental, hotel rental, space rental, apartment rental, experience, and salon booking. Also, it provides ensuring consistent and efficient service for their customers.


The guest can select the types from a variety of postings thanks to the Smart search and filter features in our rental script. In addition, visitors can use filters to limit their search results, such as price, room type, arrival and departure dates, location with the option to display a map, etc.

Hotel Booking script Home-search-filter-map

GDPR Enabled

Our rental script's comprehensive GDPR feature ensures the security of your users' personal data.


Add your Listings

Many products, including hotels, cars, spaces, apartments, beauty services, experiences, and more, can be listed by hosts. Control additional information about them, such as kind, description, image, and custom pricing.


Use Our Script And 🚀 Kick Start Your Rental Business Now!

Send Enquiry/Instant Booking Options

There are two booking options available to guests utilizing our rental marketplace script: sending an enquiry message to the guest or making an instant booking.


iCal synchronization

With our rental script's iCal synchronising option, you can stop worrying about manual scheduling. For a smooth experience, the host can automatically update their calendar with rental bookings and availability.


Listing Types

For each service, the admin has the ability to add new property types and delete those that already exist. The type drop-down list will include choices like hotel, apartment, co-working space, excursion, etc. when the host offers their stuff.

Rental script Listing-Types

Multiple Language & RTL layout supported

With our rental PHP script's support for RTL and different languages, you can effortlessly reach a global audience. According to the preferences of a wide customer base, provide your website in a variety of languages.

Multiple Currency

Our rental marketplace script's support for several currencies streamlines cross-border transactions. It offers several other currencies, such as USD, EUR, INR, and others.


Multiple Payment Options

With the help of Reserva, the rental platform was able to seamlessly accept a number of payment options, including Stripe, PayPal, Payumoney, Authorize.Net, Braintree, and more.


Reviews and Ratings

User trust will increase thanks to the ratings and reviews function. You may improve the calibre of your rental platform by providing user reviews and ratings.


Powerful Admin/Host Dashboard

Users may manage rental requests, payments, listings, and more with the help of our rental script's robust admin and host dashboards. Every website user gets access to a dashboard where they may manage their past transactions, reservations, reports, statistics, and listings.

Powerful Admin Dashboard

Custom Pricing

You can control your rental fees by using our Rental script's custom pricing feature. Set unique pricing or rental listings for particular dates for a flexible and individualised rental experience.


Earning Stats & Reports

Reserva offers comprehensive earnings reports and statistics that give you up-to-date information on how well your rental business is doing. The reports, which can be arranged by day, week, month, or year, include information on total earnings, balance, revenue, and other crucial factors.


Blog Features

With the help of the Reserva Rental script, users can build and manage blogs. Posts can be easily written by users, who can also add photographs and organise posts using categories and tags. Modern elements on the blog include comment moderation. By using the blog feature, users can easily engage their visitors and market their rental business.


Social Login ( FB, google)

The social login feature offered by the Rental Platform allows users to log in using their active Facebook and Google accounts. Users may now safely access their rental accounts instantaneously without having to memorise a different password.


Coupon System

It offers a method for managing coupons that lets the administrator set discounts for their rental platform. They may easily promote their company, draw in new customers, and increase revenue thanks to this function. Advanced features like user-specific codes and automatically calculating expiration dates are also included.

Rental Script Coupon-System

Cancellation and Refund system

A refund will be given if a guest cancels their reservation in accordance with the cancellation policy for the particular listing.


CMS Static page & Template Management

The administrator has control over static content pages and templates thanks to the content management system (CMS). Users may easily upload new material, change page layouts, and modify their rental website using the CMS.


Technologies in Rental Solutions – Reserva

A Rental Solutions – Reserva was designed and developed with the advanced and latest technologies.

Mobile Platforms: Mobile Apps developed by Android Studio & Java.

Admin Web Panel: Laravel PHP framework.

Database: MySQL

Also, you can check the rental script live demo of the site just click on: it may redirect and just fill the form details, you can get the demo details in your inbox.

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