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PHP clone scripts of popular websites

Why  should we choose PHP Clone Scripts?

PHP Clone Scripts are replicas of current websites. Clone scripts don’t simply copy a website’s content word for word. It’s the idea of developing a new website based on existing websites such as Amazon, Airbnb, and Taskrabbit. To build the website, you can use a variety of programming languages. PHP Clone scripts, on the other hand, are widely available and offer a number of benefits. Migrateshop is a leading clone script provider that provides a PHP clone marketplace script of prominent websites.

Advantages of PHP Clone Scripts:

  • The Clone Scripts are customizable, so they can be modified according to the user’s requirements.
  • It provides security, it is the main reason many websites and mobile applications are using PHP. PHP Clone scripts are highly secured.
  • While using the Clone scripts the loading time will be less. Because it uses its memory rather than the server, which leads to an increase in the website’s speed.

Some Clone scripts of popular websites:

Airbnb clone script

Airbnb clone is the online service marketplace script which lets build their own vacation rental service. People who want to earn from renting out their properties can use this platform. Though it is online service user can use this software form anywhere and anytime. It makes the user comfortable by providing the best and quality services. Airbnb clone script comes with more features like  and it is user friendly.  Though it is developed using PHP, it is highly secured and customizable.

php clone scripts - Airbnb clone

Taskrabbit clone script

Taskrabbit clone is the on-demand service marketplace script. It allows the entrepreneurs to start their business. It is the platform to provide the handyman services.  Like the TaskRabbit, from this script the entrepreneur can provide various services like plumbing, cleaning, laundry,  storage, moving, delivery and other handyman services. It is open source marketplace software. It comes with both Android and  iOS mobile apps.

php clone scripts - Taskrabbit clone

Etsy clone script

Esty clone is one of the popular eCommerce marketplace websites. It creates your own eCommerce marketplace website. From this PHP clone scripts, you can create your own online shopping website instantly. It is user-friendly, cost effective and time saving. It is a multi-vendor website, so anyone can use this platform to sell their products. Etsy clone script supports to sell both digital and physical products.

php clone script - etsy clone

Themeforest clone script

Themeforest clone is the digital marketplace script. It will let to build the theme marketplace websites like themeforest, codecanyon.  By using this themeforest clone script, can create your own marketplace website.  It creates the buy/sell marketplace website with simple steps. It comes with various features like multi-vendor support, Siteorigin Page Builder, WC Vendor Integrated, Multi language support.

php clone scripts - Themeforest clone

Above are some PHP clone scripts of the most popular websites All the above scripts are user-friendly and easy to install script software. Our Migrateshop  Marketplace Scripts are 100% customized so you can build your Own Popular Websites easily.