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How to Create Website Like Handy And Start Earning From Admin Commission Policy

While Create Website Like Handy it has been implementing various services is the best way to gain. In that on-demand service marketplace website, the business owner can build a profit by providing more than one service provider to list their home-based services on our Service Marketplace Script. It will enable the users to create and produce their on-demand service marketplace business for both website and mobile apps like Android and iOS with exceptional features.

Steps To Create Website Like Handy

Handy Clone Script

Migrateshop Handy Clone Script is one of the best home service marketplace scripts in the market. Also, it providing various home-based services like cleaning, laundry, plumping, handyman, etc.

  • The customer and the service providers registered, then they log in and use their social media accounts.
  • Now, The Service Providers can list out their services promoting various categories.
  • So, Users can instantly search for specialists or they can post it as the job.
  • If the users quickly search the service provider, then they can book the expert based on the ratings.
  • Once the customer books the professional by review and ratings, they will send it as a booking request to the service provider.
  • If the service is done favorably and confirmed, then the fund will be released to the professional.
  • The user can give a rating and review for the professional.
  • Service Providers get an admin commission which is based on a specific percentage. Also, the admin can handle all the actions from a single admin panel.

Our Handy Clone Open Source Script comprehensive solution to customized a highly qualified website with a great user experience