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Features and Benefits of Dropshipping Aliexpress Clone Theme

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is the function of the supply chain management method, in which the retailer delivers the goods or services to the customer as per the orders based on the shipping details. So, You can customize your website with the help of Dropshipping Aliexpress Clone Theme.

How Does Dropshipping Aliexpress Clone Theme Working


The Dropshipping Model has three roles which include Customer, Shop, Supplier, or Manufactures. Once the customer places an order, then the order will be sent to the retailers from direct suppliers or Manufactures. For instance, if the customer orders the product for $200. But the actual price of the product was $150 from the direct manufactures. At the time of delivery, the suppliers ship the products to the customer’s shipping address.

Our Buy2Aliexpress is one of the best platforms for creating multi-vendor eCommerce stores to sell and buy products. It’s the perfect solution to launch your Multivendor Marketplace Website. Using our clone script, you can earn through admin commission for every purchase made on the website. Also, we are offering the clone script for both websites and mobile applications. Aliexpress is one of the B2C Marketplace Script.

Features of Aliexpress Clone WordPress Theme


Our Aliexpress clone is completely composed and developed using the WordPress CMS PHP Framework. So, it is simple to manage the whole website from the admin panel.


The Aliexpress Clone Script is developed based on the WooCommerce platform. Here Woocommerce supports both digital and physical goods.

Digital & Physical Products: 

You can use our Aliexpress Clone Script for both digital and physical products. Also, Products can be delivered from Manufacture to Customer or Retailers directly with our Drop-shipping Aliexpress Clone.

Commission Payout: 

As a vendor, you can earn through product sales commissions. The Admin will pay the vendor commission to the seller at a Weekly or Monthly basis.

Multi-Vendor Supported:

Drop-shipping WordPress theme is Multi-vendor supported. So with the help of our Aliexpress Clone Script, anyone can register and create their  B2C Multi-vendor Marketplace Websites.

Multiple Payment Gateways:

It is a Woocommerce based theme. By default payment gateway PayPal, COD, Bank, Check. Moreover, you can add more Woocommerce support payment gateways.

Responsive Design: 

Aliexpress clone WordPress Theme is 100% Responsive layout design to support different devices like mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop.

Social via Login: 

Our Script supports social via login for instant registration and login. Users can easily register using their social profiles.


Multiple Language support with Google translation. You can use any language on your website using Google translate plugin.

Google Analytics: 

Google Analytics, you can add it to our Aliexpress clone WordPress theme, You can track and monitor your website using Google analytics.

Benefits of Dropshipping Aliexpress Clone Theme

Here I have listed some major Benefits of Drop-Shipping Aliexpress Clone theme. They are

  • It helps to directly connect with customers
  • The vendor can easily list and manage the products
  • Simple and advanced product searching methods
  • Completely Responsive Design
  • It is an eCommerce WordPress Theme
  • It helps to increase the sales
  • Also, let you improve your business quality

Our Dropshipping Aliexpress Clone Theme is a practice of order fulfillment where the manufacture or distributorships products to customers on behalf of the retailer. It can be very engaging because it helps to reduce risk and cost while offering convenience and practicality.