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Is It Good Idea to Buy Amazon Clone Website Script from Migrateshop?

What is Amazon Clone Website Script?

Amazon Clone Website is an ultimate Multi-vendor Market place e-Commerce platform that lets the startups and the entrepreneur’s to build their Multi-Vendor e-Commerce Websites like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Aliexpress, Alibaba, etc. It is an B2B/B2C Marketplace Website that connects several buyers and sellers in a single platform.

Why Migrateshop?

Migrateshop has a very professional and experienced team. And they provide one of the best e-Commerce websites, Amazon Clone Website. This script can be assisted to our custom design requirements, and the end-users can purchase the products from our website. This script or software is entirely open source and cost-effective.

Reason behind to choose Migrateshop for Amazon clone Website

By choosing our Ready-Made Clone Script, you can build your own Amazon clone website within minutes. So, you can save your time as well as money. Also one of the main advantages in our Amazon Clone Script was it has been fully customized with responsive design. Migrateshop offering both website and mobile applications (Android and iOS apps).


Technologies to be used:

We use the below frameworks to create Amazon Clone Script like PHP Woocommerce WordPress Theme, MySQL server, CSS, and jQuery.


Here, the Workflow of how our Amazon Clone Script Works. Also, how the communications happened between the seller and buyer with the help of our Readymade Clone Script.




Our Amazon Clone Script was completely developed by WordPress CMS PHP Framework. So you can manage your whole website from admin panel.

Commission & Payout:

As a Vendor, you can earn while product sale. For each and every sale the vendor Commission will be paid by admin at weekly or monthly.

Multi-vendor Supported:

Migrateshop offers a complete Multi-Vendor Supported Amazon Clone WordPress theme. So that anyone can create and manage your own website in our script.

Multiple Payment Gateways:

Our Amazon Clone Script is the Woocommerce based theme. So it supports multiple payment methods like PayPal, COD, Bank, Check and etc.

Responsive Design:

Our Amazon Clone Script was 100% Responsive layout Design. So you can design to different devices like Mobile applications, Tablets, laptops and desktops.

Visit Here: to know more about rest of Features in Amazon Clone Script


By using our Script, you can develop your own e-Commerce Marketplace Business Website like Amazon Clone Website.

User/ Seller Demo:


Username: seller
Password: seller

Admin Panel:

admin pannel

Username: testadmin
Password: testadmin

Mobile Applications

Android App:


iOS App:

ios app

Price Plans:

Migrateshop splits their Price Plan into four types like

  • Business Pro
  • Business
  • Lite Pro
  • Lite

Those plans are split based on the below categories and functions. They are,

  • No of Domain License
  • Android Web view App
  • iOS Web View App
  • Mobile app Submission

Our Buy2Market helps to build or create your own Online e-Commerce Stores. Here are the major thinks which has to be considered to build your own e-Commerce Website like Amazon. Use our Clone Script and start your Amazon clone Website. Also, we made your requirements to turn your ideas into reality.