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Buy Airbnb Clone Software from Migrateshop and Start a Space Rental Business Website

While creating an online rental business website Migrateshop Buy Airbnb Clone Software is a perfect one. Most of the vendors are like to rent out their properties for a short period.  Rental Airbnb Clone Software is the most suitable way for leaseholders, who are like to start their online Rental Business for the holiday.

Why Buy Airbnb Clone Software at Migrateshop

Airbnb Clone Software

The Airbnb Clone Software provided by the Migrateshop is the perfect Booking and Rental Script. Nowadays most people like to rent out their own space, house, etc. So Our Rental Website Script is the most suitable way for renters who are like to start their own online Rental Business for the vacation. Here I have listed some major reasons behind Buy Airbnb Clone Software from Migrateshop. They are,


When you Buy Airbnb Clone Software, the host can list their home, room, or some spaces. Listing is one of the Host Responsible functions. So, The host should describe the resources which they want to list like a home, room, or some spaces.

Map and location-based search

After that listing process is over our Map and location-based search helps to search the room availabilities at the nearby places.

Set Custom Price Each Day

The host can set the custom price for selective days like seasonal based, holiday based pricing, weekend based price.

Payment Gateway

Airbnb Clone Laravel script built-in default payment gateways are PayPal & Stripe. PayPal makes payment through PayPal account and Stripe makes payment through credit or debit card.

Refund to Guest

If the guest wishes to cancel their booking before the check-in date, they should contact the website host, and admin. They will check with the cancellation policy and provide a refund amount to the guest.

Admin Commission Method

Once the booking is completed at the time admin detects the commission and the rest of the amount transferred to the Host account. Admin commission in terms of percentage or Fee.

Migrateshop offers one of the Best Airbnb Clone Script to design your own Online Rental Business. It’s an ideal Booking and Rental Script. Also, you can earn within Our Admin Commission Policy for Every Transaction.


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