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Most Fitting Auction Website Script to Create eCommerce Website Similar to eBay

The Auction website is the platform where you can buy and sell the products in the auction method online. The Best instance for the auction website is eBay. And now a day the auction websites became more popular among the users. And for the entrepreneurs creating a website like eBay is the best option to make more money. There are many ready-made Auction website script available to build a website similar to eBay.

Migrateshop provides the best Auction Website Script, Buy2eBay. With this Buy2eBay, eBay Clone Script you can create your own eCommerce Auction Website instantly. It is the eCommerce Multi-vendor Marketplace Script. The owner of the website is the admin for the eCommerce platform. The Admin can allow more than one vendor to sell the products using the bidding method. And the Customer can use the platform for buying the products on bid. In the auction process, the user who bids for the highest amount can buy a particular product.

The eBay Clone script lets the admin earn through the vendor commission. Buy2eBay is the eBay Clone WordPress theme which is the responsive design and customizable based on the user’s need. And, also it comes will all the necessary features. Here are the features that the Auction website script should have.

Features an Auction Website Script Should Have

Auction website script features

Add Product

The Add product lets the sellers add the product with its details such as Product name, description, image, product type, price, etc. And by selecting the product type as the auction, they can sell the product on the bidding method. And it also has fields like Auction, type, start price, bid increment, reserve price, buy now, and Bidding start and end date.


Product Search

Buy2eBay, the auction website script has the advanced product search feature, where the users can search for the particular product easily and quickly using the category and other search filters.

ebay clone product search

Add to Cart

The Add to cart allows the customer to add the products which they want to buy, to their cart from there they can proceed with the checkout process.

Add to Watchlist

Using this feature you can add the product under auction, and you can check the auction status easily without search for the product.

Rating and Review

The Rating and Review feature in the eBay Clone Script allows the user to rate and review the product and the sellers. It is also helpful to the users to decide between buying the right product from the best sellers.

Multiple Payment Gateway

Buy2ebay has multiple payment gateway support like PayPal and Stripe, so users can buy the products and make transactions online.

Seller Dashboard

Every vendor has an individual dashboard, which is helpful to manage their products and their orders. Also, they can add and manage their details on the profile section.

These are some features that the Auction website script should include. And Migrateshop eBay clone script comes with all the above features. It is one of the best eBay clone scripts to start your online eCommerce auction website like eBay.