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Airbnb Clone Script Built-in Features


The word Airbnb stands for Air – Bed, and Breakfast. Airbnb Clone Script is an Online Marketplace for people who are like to rent out their properties or rooms to customers. Most people like it because the Airbnb clone Script features are advanced and it is cheaper. Airbnb clone script tends to cost less than hotels while offering more space. Here the host typically offers weekly and monthly discounts, so if you’re staying somewhere.


Airbnb Clone Script

Airbnb Clone Script is the most widely used software for Online Rental businesses. Because it’s very easy to use anywhere and anytime. It has lots of facilities like listing, booking and transaction management likewise. If you are having some ideas to start B2C (Business to Customer) means Airbnb Clone Script is perfectly suited for you. It also helps to increase the business entities as well as the customer. The major aspect is to give quality services to the End-Users.


Airbnb Clone Script Features


Migrateshop Airbnb Clone Script designs based on the various features. It has basic and advanced features. The features are listed below

List Your Room

In Airbnb Clone script, Host described renting their properties like home, room or some spaces means have to list here. Listing is one of the Host Responsible functions.

Manage Listing

After listing process done, Host need to wait for admin approve the listing. The listing management contains functions like add, edit, delete the lists. Check whether the property is available or not.

Map and Location-Based Search

One of the advanced features is GPS base searching like a location on the map. While searching the particular category it shows the availabilities in that category at nearby places.

Booking Options

If the guest satisfies the listing and goes for booking, here booking has been split into two types: Instant Booking & Request Booking.

Payment Gateway

Airbnb Clone Laravel script built-in default payment gateways are PayPal & Stripe. PayPal makes payment through PayPal account and Stripe makes payment through credit or debit card.

Self Custom Price Each Day

The host can set the custom price for particular days like seasonal based, holiday based price, weekend based price. It’s highly recommended features for the host.


Airbnb Clone supports Native Multi-Languages. Also, you can add more language by customizing the script. You can hire us for adding more languages.


Airbnb Clone Laravel script supports Multi-currency. Geo location-based auto currency switcher feature is available in our clone script. You can also add more currency in our script.


If a guest wants to cancel the booking at the time of check-in date means an admin request some penalty amount to the guest for canceling the booking.


On listing have some amenities like swimming pool, fireplaces, and extra availabilities. It helps the customer to know what are the facilities available in the property.

Host Reservation

Customer fills the request form for your booking. Host can adjust your information before booking. Write your message to the host. Your Host will reserve the property.

Transaction History

In our Airbnb Clone Laravel Script there the option to check the payment details on Transaction history for the bookings. Also use the filter option for payment method, property details.

Messaging System

Internal Messaging system for guests and hosts to chat or connect for conversation. To connect host and guest for all the requests related to equerries are appearing in your inbox.

Static Page Management

You can manage multiple static pages like about, faq, terms, policy, etc. By using the Admin panel, admin can edit/add pages like Content Management System (CMS).

Social Login

Social via login add-on makes easy to register/login. Hosts and Guests login using their social Gmail & Facebook accounts. Later they can update their profile information.

Email Verification

The main reason for the email verification is to guarantee that a genuine user with an original email address will get a connect with the sent email.

Manage Reservation

If the customer wants to modify the reservation like trip date and no.of guest, the need to request the host. Your reservation will be updated only if your host is approved your request.

Refund to Guest

If the guest likes to cancel their booking before the check-in date, contact website host and admin. They will check with the cancellation policy and provide a refund amount to the guest.

Admin Commission Method

Once the booking completed at the time admin detects the commission and rest of the amount transferred to the Host account. Admin commission in terms of percentage or Fee.

Manage Users

Admin can manage website users like Hosts & Customers. In the admin panel, there is an option to view and modify user details.

Review and Ratings

Host and Guest give the review and rating about the booking and experience after completing the trip. That review and rating have been useful for an upcoming guest who is looking to rent the same property.

Cancellation Policy

The customer cancels the booking after giving the request, at the time admin accepts the cancel request as per the cancellation policy.

Sub Admin

Using our script you can add more sub-admin to your website to manage multiple options. You will have one super admin followed by sub-admin.

Social Sharing

In the property detail page, you can see the social share option. If customers like to share this property with the social networks. It give more traffic to your website.

Weekend Pricing

The host can set up the weekend price for the property. Sometimes the weekend price gives more revenue based on the demand for booking. The host can mention their price on listing the property.

Cleaning Fee

Our Vacation rental script, offering some additional fee structure like cleaning and maintenance fee on booking of the property. When listing a property host need to add the cleaning fee.

Additional Guest Fee

Much needed feature adding guest fee in our vacation rental script. In case of customer booked for 2 guest, want to add 1 more guest, the host will charge for the addditional guest.

Security Deposit

Our Vacation Rental Script brings you a security deposit system. The host will get guaranteed on customer bookings if they pay some % of advance payment for the booking confirmation.

Discount on Booking Weekly/ Monthly

Our Vacation Rental Script brings you a security deposit system. The host will get guaranteed on customer bookings if they pay some % of advance payment for the booking confirmation.

Set Room Availability with Calendar

Our Airbnb clone script has this feature, availability date based booking on the calendar. The host can set the availability dates for the property booking using calendar UI.

SEO Friendly

Migrateshop’s Airbnb clone laravel script is a completely SEO friendly clone script. Each and every code developed and concentrated on the SEO supported coding structure.

Load Faster

Airbnb clone script is specially built by latest tehnologies for fast loading and get more better user experenice. Fast loading website will get good position in search results.

Larval Framework

Open source Airbnb Clone Laravel framework used to develop this vacation rental clone script. Most emerging MVC framework Laravel to safe & secure. Laravel easy to customize & scale it.

Responsive Design

Our Airbnb clone laravel script is 100% responsive layout and design. It supports different devices like mobile, tablet, laptop & desktops. The most important feature is responsive.

Greater User Experience

Our rental script has a great user experience to navigate and explore the website. Anyone can easily understand the way of property listings and booking and more.

Easy to Maintain

Our Airbnb Clone is easy to maintain from the admin panel. Laravel script is 100% customizable and scalable to your needs. You can modify whatever you need. Hire us for more customization.

The above are the features of the airbnb clone script. Migrateshop provides the best airbnb clone scripts to the entrepreneurs. It is the ready-made script, so you can create your vacation rental website instantly. Airbnb clone script is the best option to start your shared economy business. It has all the featues like airbnb.