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Launch Your Own Service Marketplace Website by Using Our Handy Clone Software

The Service Marketplace Website is an online platform that initiates, facilitates, coordinates, and concludes the buying and selling of services between. You can develop a service marketplace business website by using our Handy Clone Software. Nowadays most of the customers are like to recruit professionals for their services. Entrepreneurs can develop their service marketplace websites like handy by using our Handy Clone Script.

Get the ultimate solution of your service marketplace business site with the help of our handy clone script.

Steps To Build Your Own Service Marketplace Website

Handy Clone Script

Our Home Service PHP Script helps to create a profitable On-Demand Service Marketplace Business website and also you can earn through our Admin Commission Policy.

While creating a domestic service website both customer and professional register and log in.

Once Professionals login to our service marketplace they post their job.

Professionals need to add their services to the platform.

Once adding the services customers start to search for service providers. 

Bidding from multiple professionals and select professionals for their services.

Once selecting the professional request from the customer and whether it is ok the professional accepts Booking.

After all the service job was done. The payment process was started. Our Home Service Script accepts the PayPal payment method.

Once completing all the service was completed customers give the review and ratings to that particular professional for those services.

While service booking is done, the service provider gets paid as a vendor commission by using our Admin Commission Policy method.

These are the major steps to create your own Service Marketplace Business Website by using Migrateshop Handy Clone Script. P2P Service Marketplace Business is one of the market models under the e-Commerce service marketplace script. By the way, Service Marketplace Solutions have been creating the services and offering it to clients/ customers and generates opportunities for paid workers.