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Published on: Handy Clone

Why Our Handy Clone Software is Perfect One to Develop Service Marketplace website

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What is Handy Clone Software?

Handy Clone Software is the On-Demand Service Marketplace Script to build a perfect service marketplace business website. Our Handy Clone Software supports the following Services like Cleaning, Laundry, Plumbing, Electrician, Tailoring, Car Cleaning, etc. While using our Airstar Clone Script then you can gain payments for every service. Most of the customers looking for online service providers, service job opportunities, etc. 

Also, here our Home Service Clone Script helps you to get admin commission for every service.

The reason behind Why Our Handy Clone Software is best?

Handy Clone Script

It’s the best platform for helps to connect the service providers and the users, those who are searching for professionals to do their desire jobs. Our Service Marketplaces Script provides for unique niche markets to enter into the local service business. Marketplaces scripts like Handy, Thumbtack, and TaskRabbit compete in the professional service. On-demand business marketplaces like these platforms are rising in success.  

Here I have mentioned why our Handy Clone Software is needed for your Online Service Marketplace Business. They are,

Hire Professionals

Here Some Service Providers are registered with their corresponded professions so users can easily identify the right person for that particular service job. Once customers post the job then users start searching for the best service professionals based on the price, review evaluations.

Admin Commission

Admin can set up a global share option that is accessible for service providers. Whenever service booking and service are done, the service provider gets paid as a vendor commission.

Reviews and Ratings

Once the service was done users give revived rewards for the best services. After that users give ratings and reviews for the service providers. Those reviews and ratings help to select the best professionals.

Refund Policy

We have one of the best features like a refund policy. It helps to whether users can cancel the request for the service admin to refund the payment within one or two working days.

Front End Dashboard

It has been created with a plan to enhance the user experience. Also, The main goal is to continue track of their services and the billing process and wants to change from the front-end. It supports multi-vendors that can register and list their services.

Migrateshop Handy Clone is one of the best on-demand service marketplace scripts in the market. So let us develop your Own On-Demand service Marketplace Business App Domestic Service PHP Script helps you to create an App like Handy.


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