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Most Desirable ReadyMade B2B Script to Launch B2B Trading Website

The B2B – Business to Business is the business trading between the manufactures, traders and wholesalers. The B2B Marketplace helps to connect the business online to buy and sell the huge quantity of products. It works as the bridge between the producer, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers. The best example for the B2B marketplace is Alibaba. Like Alibaba, the business owner can build their own B2B Trading website with the help of Readymade B2B Script.

Migrateshop’s ReadyMade B2B Script to Start website like Alibaba

Migrateshop’s ReadyMade B2B Script to Start website like Alibaba

Migrateshop offers the ReadyMade B2B Trading Script. So, it helps entrepreneurs to earn more profit. Buy2Alibaba is the clone script of Alibaba.  It is the perfect platform to launch the best b2b trading website. And, it also let you start your own eCommerce marketplace website. The Alibaba clone script is developed using the open-source WordPress CMS PHP Framework. Also, it is the multi-vendor marketplace script.  So more than one vendor can use this platform.

Some Highlighted Features of Alibaba Clone Script  are listed below:

Membership plans

Buy2Alibaba has many membership plans are available with the member control panel. And, these plans can be managed by the admin from the admin panel. Also, the admin can set the price and plan and expiring dates.

Contact Supplier Form

It helps to contact the suppliers and can receive the reply emails. Also, it is simpler to track everything.

Quotation Request

This feature helps to send thee a buying request to the suppliers. And the seller can get the quote immediately. So that the suppliers give the price quote to the individual products.

Bulk Price and Minimum Maximum Quantity

In Alibaba Clone Script, you can able to set the minimum and maximum quantities for the orders. It can be set for the whole orders or product basis.

Benefits to the Suppliers

  • The ReadyMade B2B Script minimizes the need for human resources. So, it eliminates the overhead expenses.
  • It helps to seamlessly connect with the suppliers, and the manufacturers to sell their products

Benefits to the Buyers

  • The Alibaba ReadyMade Trading Script suspends all environmental problems. And offers buyers to get the products from various regional vendors.
  • It Provides the easy-to-use connectivity. And seamless scheduling of online purchases decreases processing costs and saves time.
  • The buyers can get products from various manufacturers and wholesalers.


The Migrateshop Alibaba Clone Script helps the business owner without selling their products on the platform. So that they can earn profit by allowing the vendors to sell their products on the platform. This platform also creates communication between the buyers and sellers to perform business transactions. The sellers will pay a certain fee to the admin as the admin commission for each transaction made by the buyers.  Migrateshop’s Alibaba clone is one of the best B2B Trading Script in the Market.