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Airbnb Clone Laravel script to Start Your Own Rental Website

What is Laravel Framework?

Laravel is one of the very used open-source PHP Framework. Airbnb Clone Laravel Framework is a user-friendly and easy-to-understand framework. It works with the help of the Model-View-Controller design pattern. Here we also use Airbnb Clone Laravel as reusable frameworks to create web applications. Laravel provides a rich set of functionalities of the basic features of PHP frameworks like CodeIgniter, Yii, and other programming languages like Ruby.

That kind of feature is increasing the website loading speed. If your work with advanced PHP here Airbnb Clone Laravel will make your tasks easier. Also, it saves time for spending developing a website. However, Airbnb Clone Laravel is secure and prevents several web threads.

airbnb clone laravel

Why do we need Airbnb Clone Laravel Framework?

While descried to create an Airbnb Clone for web application need to create that one with PHP programming language, it was straightforward to learn and open source as well. Here Laravel is one of the best open-source frameworks on PHP Language. The major concept of Airbnb Clone Laravel is MVC Architecture (Model -View – Controller).

Migrateshop’s Airbnb Clone Laravel script is an open-source PHP Framework. You can use the Laravel Framework for giving user-friendly back-end and front-end applications. It enabled the entrepreneurs to manage their bookings, records maintained, exercise automated online payment transactions.

Advantages of Laravel Framework

Here I have mentioned some benefits of The Laravel Framework while using website development.

  • Highly Secure and Reliable
  • Enhancing the performance
  • Secure Authentication
  • Open-Source and User-friendly
  • Database management
  • Object-oriented Liberties
  • Unit Testing
  • Advance futures
  • Easy to create and modify, etc.

How Does Airbnb Clone Laravel Works?

When Airbnb Clone was created with the help of the Laravel Framework. It was a web application built with the help of the Airbnb Clone Laravel framework and highly secure and easy to design. It contains lots of advanced features like listing, searching, filtering, etc., also user-friendly manner.

One of the Major methods we used to create the Airbnb Clone was MVC Architecture. MVC stands for Model-View-Controller. Here I have explained the major functionalities of Airbnb Clone with MVC Modules.


Another name of the Guest was end-users. Who is like to rent that particular product or properties they are called a guest. Before login, they must register with their needed details here. Once registration gets over they start searching and booking. Here once they select the listing and go for the searching by checking the time. Moreover, the host lists their products; it’s used to find that particular product for the guest. Once selecting the products they go for booking the part.

Before entering into the booking guest need to give the request to the host. Once the host accepts the request means the payment transaction will start after all the booking and transaction process was over just have to give the review and rating for that, particular service.


Here the word Host was who is like to rent their products or properties with the help of Airbnb Clone Laravel. The host must register and need to list their properties. What are the features is there, price and if they give any additional things are giving likewise. Once the listing part was after they go for booking the part. If Price and another check-in/checkout, further details are over host must accept that request from the guest for that particular booking.

Once the host accepts that request the transaction will be started whether it’s PayPal, credit card, or some other method. After completing the booking and payment host also gives the review and rating for that particular booking.


The intermediate between host and guest is Admin. All the listing and booking details are stored in the admin panel. While the guest gives the request admin connects to the host. After the request was accepted the booking process was started. Once all the processes were over Admin detects the commission amount and returns it to the host. If guests, like to cancel the booking means the admin accepts the cancellation policy and the amount will be refunded to the guest.

These are the major functionalities done with the help of the Model-View-Controller Laravel framework of Airbnb Clone Script.

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