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Top Marketplace scripts in 2020

What is the marketplace Scripts?

The online marketplace scripts is the platform, which let the entrepreneurs start the business like buy and sell website or service providing websites. Using this, anyone can create their marketplace website instantly. Marketplace PHP Scripts are customizable, easy to handle and secured. Migrateshop offers the top marketplace scripts such as Esty clone, Airbnb clone, Taskrabbit clone, Amazon clone etc.

It can be categorized as

  • eCommerce marketplace script
  • Service marketplace script
  • Vacation rental marketplace script
  • Digital goods selling marketplace script.

ECommerce Marketplace Script

It may be business to business or business to the client. Migrateshop provides B2B and B2C PHP scripts.

Business to Business eCommerce Marketplace Script

b2b marketplace script

B2B Marketplace script is the platform, for selling the products to another business owner. Instead of selling the goods to the individual customers, this platform helps to sell the products to the other trading business. It is the bridge between the manufacturer and the supplier. In this script, the user can sell and buy a large number of quantities. For selling the products, the seller must pay some fee to the website owner. One of the most popular B2B examples of eCommerce marketplace script is Alibaba.

The Migrateshop provides the clone script of and Alibaba. Using the Marketplace PHP Scripts, the user can create their B2B eCommerce platform like Alibaba. It can be used for the business to their B2B trading purpose. It is the best platform for B2B Website Traders.

Alibaba Clone Marketplace Script: Live Demo |  Buy Now

Business to client eCommerce Marketplace Script

B2C ECommerce Marketplace script

In this B2C Marketplace Script, the business owner can provide the platform to the buyer and the seller. The users can sell and buy the products. For selling the products on the website, the seller must pay some fee to the website owner.

Migrateshop offers the amazon clone, Aliexpress clone, Esty clone and eBay clone. These scripts allow creating our marketplace website instantly. Like the Amazon, Aliexpress, Esty these clone scripts let the users buy and sell the products. But the seller must pay for the website owner for selling the product in their platform. In the eBay clone script, the seller can have access to bid on the products. These scripts are Open-Source Software. Though it is developed using the PHP it is secured and faster.

Aliexpress Clone Marketplace Script: Live Demo |  Buy Now

Esty Clone Marketplace Script: Live Demo |  Buy Now

Amazon Clone Marketplace Script: Live Demo |  Buy Now

Service Marketplace Script

The Service Marketplace Script is the concept of offering services to the user. Both the service provider and the customer can use this platform, to provide the services or get the services. In this, the service provider has to give some commission amount to the website owner for each service done. One of the examples for this script is TaskRabbit.

Migrateshop provides the marketplace scripts such as TaskRabbit Clone, Handy Clone and Thumbtack Clone. These scripts allow creating their on-demand service marketplace website.

The on-demand service marketplace script is best for services like cleaning, laundry, plumping, storage, delivery, moving and other handyman services. The customer can post their jobs according to their needs. The service provider can list their services. Though it supports the multi-vendor more than one service provider can use this platform. A single service provider can list more than one service. The customer can get the desired services from their location. They can easily find the best professionals according to their needs.

Taskrabbit Clone Marketplace Script: Live Demo |  Buy Now

Handy Clone Marketplace Script: Live Demo |  Buy Now

Thumbtack Clone Marketplace Script: Live Demo |  Buy Now

Digital Goods Selling Marketplace Scripts

digital products marketplace script

ECommerce marketplace scripts allow to create Digital Marketplace Websites for selling physical and digital products. But the digital good selling marketplace script is the platform for selling digital products such as website themes, eBooks, etc. this script will allow to buy and sell various digital goods. If the entrepreneur wants to start websites like ThemeForest, mojo theme. Then this is the best choice. Migrateshop has the ThemeForest Clone Script. Using the script, the user can sell and buy digital products.

Themeforest Clone Marketplace Script: Live Demo |  Buy Now

Vacation Rental Marketplace Scripts

vacation rental marketplace script

The vacation rental is the concept of renting out our fully furnished properties. Airbnb is the most popular vacation rental marketplace service website.

Migrateshop provides the Airbnb Clone Script, the vacation rental script. It let to start the business in rental service. This is the platform, to start the business in renting the properties. This script is open-source software developed by laravel framework.

Airbnb Clone Marketplace Script: Live Demo |  Buy Now

All the Migrateshop’s marketplace scripts are multi-vendor supported, customizable and scalable. Migrateshop offers marketplace PHP scripts for the entrepreneurs to commence their business.

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