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How to create a website like Thumbtack Clone Script

The on-demand service marketplace websites like thumbtack, TaskRabbit, handy. Using these platforms the entrepreneur can start their service marketplace website. It is the solution to find the expert in the desired location to do daily tasks such as cleaning, plumbing, delivery, laundry, moving, and other handymen works. Thumbtack clone script is the marketplace platform.  So, it enables the business to create a website like thumbtack.

Create your own thumbtack clone script website

Migrateshop offers the best service marketplace software similar to Thumbtack, TaskRabbit, and Handy. The Thumbtack clone script helps to find the best professionals in a particular location. It helps the user to choose the desired service provider based on their available time and budget. Using the thumbtack clone script, entrepreneurs can earn money. By allowing the professionals by providing different services to the customers.  For each job done by the professional from this platform.  And Also, the website owner will get the commission.

The professional can use this platform by registering them as the service provider. It is a multi-vendor platform. So more than a professional can provide the service. The customer can choose the service provider by directly searching for a particular job or they can post a job that has to be done.

Migrateshop helps to create your own service marketplace thumbtack clone website. The thumbtack clone script is designed and developed in laravel framework.

It offers features like

  • Front end shop – Seller can add their store from the front end dashboard
  • service provider wallet – It provides the wallet feature for the service provider
  • customer wallet – It also offers the wallet feature to the customers.
  • Multi-language supported – It also supports multiple languages, you can use more than one language on your website.
  • Private message – Thumbs up has the private message option to communicate with the seller and the buyer
  • Email notification – It also has the mail notification feature.
  • Multi-payment support – can use the multiple payment gateways, based on the customer requirement other options can be added.

The thumbtack clone script also comes with both Android and iOS Mobile apps. So, it enables the growth of business widely. Thumbsup is the best service marketplace solution, which lets the users find the best service providers to do their day-to-day activities like cleaning, laundry, delivery, and moving, etc.