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Published on: thumbtack clone script

Make it Big and Earn Profit with Migrateshop’s Thumbtack Clone Open Source

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Thumbtack clone open source is one of the greatest on-demand service marketplace script. If you are looking to create a Service Marketplace Website like TaskRabbit, Thumbtack, Treadwell, Urban Clap, Air asker, and similar website. Our Thumbsup is a perfect solution for Multi-Vendor service marketplace script for cleaning, laundry, plumping, handyman, spa, saloon, tailoring, electrician, car cleaning, and more.

Also, you can earn profit with our Admin Commission Policy for every transaction by using our On-Demand Service Clone Script.

Steps Involved For Grain Profit from Our Thumbtack Clone Open Source

Thumbtack Clone Script

Develop your own Domestic Service Marketplace Business Website with our Thumbtack Clone Open Source.

While using our Thumbtack Clone Open Source then you can earn payments for every service. Most of the customers seeming for online service providers, service job opportunities, etc. Also, Our Migrateshop provides various  Home Service Clone Script


The Admin plays a major role in our Service Marketplace PHP Script. The Thumbsup has an efficient admin panel. From the Admin panel, the admin can manage the whole website and the activities such as managing service providers, users, and services. Also, our script allows multiple vendors and mange in our admin panel. The admin will earn profit by letting the service provider offer their service to the customers through the website. 


After registering and login to the platform as the Service provider. They can list their services.

    • Cleaning, laundry
    • Plumping
    • Handyman
    • Saloon
    • Tailoring
    • Electrician
    • Car cleaning and etc.
  • Once the user posts the job, the professional can bid for the service. Or, the user selects the professional they will receive the request. So that the professional can accept the booking. The payment for the service received to the service provider form the admin on a weekly or monthly basis. The admin will send the payment after deducting the certain commission amount for the service.

    Migrateshop’s Thumbtack Clone Open Source is the complete solution for those who want to build the service marketplace website like Thumbtack, TaskRabbit, and Handy. Also, It has the Thumbtack Clone App for both Android and iOS mobile applications.