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Best Service Marketplace Software to Begin Your Service Website in 2021

A service marketplace is a platform where service providers or businesses can sell their services. And also, consumers can access the services from experts. Some popular service marketplace websites are Thumbtack, Upwork, and Handy. It’s one of the best business models for entrepreneurs to make a profit. Also, another major advantage is that you can launch a service marketplace using the service marketplace software without becoming an expert. Since providers can offer their services by setting up a platform and earning from them for every job done by them.

Best Multi Vendor Service Marketplace Software and Its Features

Best Multi Vendor Service Marketplace Software and Its Features

Creating a Multi Vendor service marketplace website has never been simpler. Nowadays, entrepreneurs can use customized service marketplace scripts to develop their online service platform efficiently, conveniently, and at a minimal price. By choosing the right clone script provider for your startup company, you can launch your service provider website quickly and seamlessly.

Migrateshop is the clone script provider that offers the best service marketplace software such as

With these clone scripts, you can create the website like Handy, Thumbtack and Tasky. These on-demand service marketplace scripts are developed using the PHP laravel framework. And also it is open-source software. The service marketplace software from Migrateshop is 100% customizable and scalable. So that the website can customize the website based on your requirement. Also, it has advanced features which includes

  • Multi-Vendor Supported
  • Responsive Design
  • Front-end Shop
  • Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Admin Commission and Earnings
  • Dispute System
  • Social Media Login
  • Service Provider Wallet
  • Customer Wallet
  • Multi-Language Supported
  • Email Notification
  • SEO Friendly Website
  • Private Message
  • Android & iOS Mobile apps

Migrateshop will help you create an online marketplace that enables to offer and get the services between service seekers and service provider website like Thumbtack and Handy.