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Published on: service marketplace php script

An Optimal Service Marketplace PHP Script to Launch Business Website like Thumbtack

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The On-Demand Service Marketplaces are the platforms where you can get the service for your household activities. And also you can offer the services through the platform. Taskrabbit, thumbtack, and handy are some exact examples of the service marketplaces. The immense success of that marketplace service website encourages many entrepreneurs to start their own service websites. For those who want to launch their website like Thumbtack, Migrateshop offers the best Service Marketplace PHP Script. Using this PHP script you can create your own website like Thumbtack.

Buy2Thumbsup is the clone script of Thumbtack. It enables the business owner to create the website to earn more profit by offering services to the customers. Here are some benefits that come with the Migrateshop Service Marketplace PHP Script.

Benefits of Service Marketplace PHP Script

Benefits of Service Marketplace PHP Script
  • The Thumbtack Clone Service Marketplace PHP Script is developed using the Laravel Framework. So, it minimizes the initial development costs.
  • It is the best clone script of Thumbtack. It allows the website owner to earn money through the admin commission. Also, the service providers earn by offering various services to the customers.
  • It is the Multi vendor Marketplace script, so more than one professional can register and use this platform and can offer their services.
  • From the thumbtack clone, the customers can find the best professional to do their day-to-day activities by posting the job or by searching the service provider.

How does Thumbtack Clone Service Marketplace PHP Script Works?

The Service Marketplace PHP Script from Migrateshop is acting as the intermediate between the customers and the service providers. Here is the explanation that how the thumbtack clone works. In the service marketplace platform, three roles involve Admin, Customer, and Service Provider or Seller. To use the Thumbsup both the Customer and the Service provider should register. For registration, they can use their email id or social media accounts.


Once the user successfully registers and login to the platform, they can select their professional for a particular task. For booking the particular service provider, the user has two options. One is to post the job and the other is searching for the service they need. If they post the job, that will send to the entire service provider. And they will bid for the service. From that, the customer can choose the lowest bidding professional. And book them to do the service. In case, if the user directly selects a particular professional.  Then it will be sent as the service request. Once it is accepted by the profession. The user can book and get the job done by the professionals.


Service Provider

After registering and login in to the platform as the Service provider. They can list their services. The Migrateshop Service marketplace PHP Script has the service provider dashboard. From the dashboard, they can manage their service request and services. Once the user posts the job, the professional can bid for the service. Or, the user selects the professional they will receive the request. So that the professional can accept the booking. The payment for the service is received to the service provider from the admin on a weekly or monthly basis. The admin will send the payment after deducting the certain commission amount for the service.



The admin is the owner of the website. The Admin plays a major role in the Thumbtack clone Service Marketplace PHP Script. The Thumbsup has an efficient admin panel. From the Admin panel, the admin can manage the whole website and the activities such as managing service providers, users, and services. The admin will earn profit by letting the service provider offer their service to the customers through the website.


Concluding Lines

Migrateshop’s Service Marketplace script is the complete solution for those who want to build the service marketplace website like Thumbtack, Taskrabbit, and Handy. Also, It has the Thumbtack clone app for both Android and iOS mobile applications.