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Published on: php script for selling digital products

Migrateshop presents PHP script for selling digital products for your startups

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Nowadays the digital presence creates a huge impact on eCommerce and online products or goods selling and buying platforms. Also, it may bring the community bridging between the vendors and customers. And there are many online software and wordpress themes available in the market for development. And establishing your digital products and selling and buying websites. But here Migrateshop proudly presents the best PHP script for selling digital products or goods on websites or businesses. As well as it’s the perfect choice of build a WordPress Theme Like Themeforest. So the buyers can get various digital products like themes, software, templates, graphic designs, images, mobile apps and etc.

It brings the perfect business models that enable entrepreneurs to begin making a sales commission from the admin once the sales was done. They can utilize a PHP script to create a multi-vendor digital marketplace similar to Themeforest.

Why Choose PHP script for selling digital products From Migrateshop

Themeforest clone script

Digital products or goods selling and buying software like DigiMonster is one of the most famous and perfect themes for building your Themeforest like Digital Products Marketplace Website. Also, it’s the ideal platform for entrepreneurs who want to develop and improve their own digital marketplace websites for buying and selling various digital products or goods like themes, software, scripts, templates, etc.

Let’s have a look at the reasons why our PHP script for selling digital products like Themeforest clone script is the best among others. They are,

  • Our Themeforest clone script was a multivendor marketplace-supported theme so it may allow multiple vendors to sell their digital products or goods here.
  • And connects the buyers and sellers on a single platform.
  • The website’s layout is fully responsive. As a result, it functions with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, laptops, and desktops.
  • A live demo of this clone script’s remarkable and adaptable features is also available. So the users can click to view the live demo.
  • Digimonster created numerous badges for vendors, such as verified sellers, top monthly sellers, weekly top sellers, etc. The badge collection will display in the seller area of the product detail page.
  • One of the main reasons in our script was they have an admin commission policy for every sale. And refund policy for customers.

Furthermore to know about the rest of the features just visit here: and have a quick view of it. This is the major aspect that many entrepreneurs who indent to design and develop their own digital products marketplace.