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Bring Your Business Online with the Best Online eCommerce Scripts from Migrateshop

When you are having a business and want to take your business worldwide. Then the business online presence is most significant. Today, most people are depending on the internet to do their every day to day task. And they also prefer everything to be done at their doorstep. So, the business owners also started to bring their business online. For that, they need the best online eCommerce Scripts to build their marketplace website. With the Ready-Made eCommerce Script, you can easily create your online shopping website similar to Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Aliexpress, etc. But For this, you must choose the best Online eCommerce Scripts. This blog will give the idea to get the best eCommerce Scripts for your business.

Online eCommerce Script

An Online eCommerce script is a Software that allows all the functionality and features to lead your business online. It let sell and buy the products online easily. And the multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace script allows the website owner to earn money by allowing more than one seller to use the eCommerce website to sell their goods. Migrateshop offers the best online eCommerce Scripts to build your websites like popular eCommerce platforms such as amazon, eBay Etsy, Aliexpress, etc.

Migrateshop has the online eCommerce Script to bring your business online. The Ready-Made Clone Scripts are


These scripts are designed and developed using WordPress CMS PHP Framework. So it is easy to customize based on the user needs. And the clone scripts comes with mobile apps for both Android and iOS. So you can reach your business to the target audience easily. And also it has enriched with more advanced features.

How Online eCommerce Scripts Works


In the eCommerce Scripts, there are three major roles are involved, which includes Admin (Owner of the website), Seller and Customer. Here is a detailed explanation of each role and its functions.


Admin is the one who can manage the whole website activities from the admin panel. Each vendor can log in and list their products once the admin review and approve the seller details. And the admin can able to manage both the customer and the sellers. The admin will pay the vendor commission for each purchase made on the website. And it will be paid on a weekly or monthly basis.


Since it is the Multi-Vendor eCommerce Scripts more than one vendor can register and use this platform. The Seller can register using their social media accounts. Once the admin verifies and approves them. Then the seller can create their store and add the products for sales. Each seller will have a separate seller dashboard, using that the vendor can manage the products, orders, and the commission from the admin.


Customers can register and login to the website. And they can search for their desire products under the specific category or using the advanced search filter on the online e-commerce script. Once they find the products then they can add them into their cart. The eCommerce Script also has the wishlist feature, so the customer can add the product to the wishlist. So that they can buy the product later. After adding the product to the cart, the customer can proceed to the payment. Once the payment process is completed the order will be placed successfully. And From the User Dashboard, the user can track their orders.

The above is an explanation about how the online eCommerce Scripts from Migrateshop Works. Each Script from the Migrateshop provides the best solution to take your business to the next level.