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How Migrateshop’s Buy2Handy Helps To Create Website Like Handy

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Handy is the Peer to Peer Service Marketplace Business Website, which helps to connect the users with the service providers who can offer various services such as housekeeping, plumbing, electrical works, cleaning, and other handymen works. And as a business owner, building a website like handy is the best decision to earn more profit and grow your business. When you are creating the website with the help of the right platform, it will take your business to a great extent.

Building a Website like Handy is now easier than ever using the Buy2Handy, Handy Clone from Migrateshop. Buy2Handy provides entrepreneurs with the opportunity to efficiently set up their very own service marketplace website similar to handy. It is a brilliant idea to build a profitable and reliable Home Service Marketplace Website using Buy2Handy. This would help to develop a highly professional website that will attract more visitors and increasing the user experience.

Buy2Handy allows the website owner to make a profit by enabling more professionals to offer their services to the customers from the website. The service providers can offer more than one service and the customers can also get the services. The Customer can choose the best professionals according to their budget and reviews given by other users. Buy2Handy, Service Marketplace PHP Script which can be tailored based on the requirements. And it has the features to create your website like Handy.

Key Features of Buy2Handy to Make Your Website Like Handy


Handy Clone Script comes with the features which make your service marketplace website the best. Here the Features

Social Media Login

The User and the Service Providers can use their social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter to sign in to the website. Also, it let the users share their experience on social media.

Multi-Vendor Support

Buy2Handy is the multi-vendor service marketplace script, so more than one service provider can register and use the website for offering their services to the customers.

Front end Dashboard

The handy clone has a front-end dashboard so that the professionals can list and manage their service from the front end.

Multiple Payment Gateway Support

The Handy Clone Script supports more than one payment gateway integration. It supports payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, and Payumoney. And additional payment gateways can be added.

Admin Commission

On this website, the admin can able to set up the global commission option for the service providers. And once the service is done by the professional the vendor commission will be paid by the admin after deducting the admin commission. It process will be done by the admin on a weekly or monthly basis.

Dispute System

The On-Demand Service Marketplace Script is developed with an efficient dispute system to resolve organizational conflicts. If a service is not completed successfully, then the payment will be refunded to the customer.

Wallet for Both Service Provider and Customer

Both the service provider and the customers will have separate wallets. The service provider can use the wallet to get save their vendor commission. And the customer can get the refund amount from the wallet.

Multi-Language Support

A website like handy supports multiple languages with the help of the google translates plugin. So you can provide the website in your localized language.

Android and iOS Mobile Apps

It comes with both native android and ios mobile apps. So, it lets your business grow widely.

These are some key features that make your website like Handy. If you are looking to build the service marketplace website, then Migrateshop’s Buy2Handy will help. And You can get a complete home service website to start your business.