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Published on: Handyman Service Script

Trade Your Own Services Marketplace Business Website with Our Online Handyman Service Script

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Handyman Services Script allows creating a website for various service marketplace business websites. The Handyman Services clone website provides for unique niche markets to enter into the local service business. Our Service Marketplace PHP Script will help to enhance the reliability of the website. 

You can develop a service marketplace business website and also get admin commission payments by using our Handy Clone Software.

How Our Online Handyman Services Script Performs?

Handy Clone Script

Our Handy Clone Software supports the subsequent Services like Cleaning, Laundry, Plumbing, Electrician, Tailoring, Car Cleaning, etc. While using our Airstar Clone Script then you can gain payments for every service. Most of the customers looking for online service providers, service job opportunities, etc. 

Let’s discuss how our handyman service script performs and earns through the admin commission.


Here a customer must log in with their social media accounts or email id. Once the login process was getting over they start to post a job for professionals. After that, they are searching and select the services providers based on the rewards and funds for the booking. Once select and the job was done the payment process was started. After that customers paying the corresponded payment for those professionals. Also, they give reviews and ratings for those particular services.


After the login process was over professionals must add their services like what kind of services they are given. Once the customer has seen and adds the professional means the bidding process was started. Customers must select corresponded professionals with the help of reviews and ratings. Once the job was done professionals revised the funds from customers.

Admin :

Migrateshop Admin act as a major role in our services. They support and maintain both customer and professional details. Once all the service and Payment process was getting over the admin received the Commission amount for every transaction.

P2P Service Marketplace Business is one of the market models under the Handyman service marketplace script. By the way, Service Marketplace Solutions have been creating the services and offering it to clients/ customers and generates opportunities for paid workers.