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Get Ultimate Local Service Business with Our Handy Clone App

Our Buy2Handy is the perfect script to create your On-Demand Service Marketplace Business Website. While using our Handy Clone App you can create and manage your mobile app. So you can create an on-demand service marketplace app for both android and iOS mobiles. 

Migrateshop offering the best Handy Clone Script for your On-Demand Service Marketplace Business and it’s completely designed by Laravel framework software. While using our Service Clone Script you can earn through admin commission for each transaction.

How Our Handy Clone App Works

Here I have explained how our thumbtack Clone App Works with the help of Screenshots. They are,

How Our Handy Clone App Works

Home Page

In Above Screenshots Shows How our Handy Clone App Home Page displayed on the mobile phone. Also, they have some on-demand service Categories like Events, Home, Lessons, Wellness, Business, Craft, Design & Web, etc. Also, you can search for your services here.

Home Page
Menu Page

Menu Page

In That Menu Page Shows Handy Clone App Menu in the app, such as Home, Login, and Language. While clicking the Login Menu will redirect you to the Login Page.

Login Page

In that Login Page Before Enter into the app users must enter the login details like Username or E-mail Address, Password. Also, users can log in to your Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail accounts.

Login Page
Service Provider Dashboard

Service Provider Profile

In That Service Provider Profile shows some details about the sellers like type’s services, profiles, reviews, gallery, contact vendor and etc.


Our Dashboard Page has the Seller details with account settings. It also shows the username, email address, and password with their profile picture. From the dashboard, sellers can manage their accounts with the help of an admin.


Also, we are displayed, how our Handy Clone App appearance in Android and iOS mobile phones with their features.

Handy Clone Android App


            Live Demo

Handy Clone IOS App


Get Your Own Our On-Demand service Marketplace Business App Domestic Service PHP Script helps you to create an App like Thumbtack.

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