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Published on: Features Of Airbnb Clone

10+ Build In Features Of Airbnb Clone To Enhance Your Rental Site

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Features of Airbnb Clone have been denoted as the functionalities and characteristics of a website or application that emulates the key features of Airbnb.

Aspiring entrepreneurs considering launching their vacation rental marketplace need a ensure their platform that will incorporate all the needed and essential features for attracting more hosts and guests to come across your website.

The Buy2Rental will generate more revenue by renting out the properties or spaces between the guests and tenants.

In this technologically contemporized era, the connected owner’s hosts can easily connect to guests or customers with the help of rental business apps. Every time a visitor books the host’s property with the help of the Airbnb clone app the host pays a fee of Airbnb plus the service charge as per the entire cost of the guest’s stay.

From this article, we explore the top key features that a Migrateshop’s Airbnb clone script must provide to help run a thriving property rental business.

Exploring the Key Features of an Airbnb Clone

Airbnb Clone Script

The Airbnb clone is a powerful solution that seeks to emulate the core and essential features of Airbnb and it’s one of the leading online rental platforms for renting out the property or extra spaces for a short period.

For budding entrepreneurs entering into the vacation rental marketplace, it is vital to ensure that your platform will incorporate all the needed and essential features to attract more customers as well as increase your business profits. Those are,

Experience Hosting Module

The Host Experience module is one of the highly anticipated experience hosting options that is enabled. The hosts to have the opportunity to enrich their offerings by listing unique and engaging experiences that guests can book, extending the scope of their hospitality beyond traditional accommodations.

Airbnb clone Experience Module
Airbnb Clone - GDPR Enabled

GDPR Enabled

In this digital landscape, one of the paramount considerations revolves around safeguarding customer privacy and implementing robust cookie policies and permissions. With the increasing prevalence of online interactions and data-driven services, ensuring the protection of personal information has become a fundamental concern for both hosts and guests.

List Your Property

Hosts are empowered with the ability to list their properties and exercise full control over the management of their spaces or properties. This may include the specification of crucial details like property types, description of the properties with images, price strategy, and other essential details about the spaces.


Map and Location-Based Search

The guests benefit from a streamlined and user-friendly experience as they effortlessly navigate our platform to discover properties and their availability in their desired locations. By inputting their preferred destination, dates, and any specific requirements, guests can swiftly access a correlated list of options that perfectly match their specific needs and preferences.

Cutting-edge Search and Filter

Our rental script boasts an advanced search and filtering system which grants guests the capability to pinpoint accommodations from an extensive array of property listings. With this feature, guests can finely tune their property searches using filters such as pricing, property types, check-in/checkout dates, locations, etc.


Instant/Request Booking Options

In this rental marketplace script, guests are presented with a choice when they decide to book a property or space. They can option for either “Instant Booking” or “Request Booking”, giving them flexibility in how they secure their accommodations.

ICal synchronization

The iCal sync feature allows hosts to seamlessly share and synchronize their calendar data with various calendaring systems. This feature supports the effortlessly export the import from calendars to and from platforms like Airbnb, Vrbo,, and more. And the hosts can efficiently manage their property availability across multiple platforms.


Multiple Payment options

The Airbnb Clone Laravel script provides guests with a variety of payment choices, including options like Razorpay, PayPal, Stripe, and more. This flexibility ensures that guests can conveniently select their preferred payment method when making bookings on the rental platform.

Multilanguage and Multi-Currency

With the Multi-language feature, you can extend your business reach to global markets. Users have the flexibility to choose from a range of languages that align with their preferences, facilitating a more inclusive and accessible experience. Also, we have a multi-currency feature that empowers you to broaden the horizons of your rental business to a global audience.


Property Types

The admin has the authority to introduce new property categories and delete the existing ones. As hosts can list their property or spaces these categories have been featured in the property type selection menu, including options such as villas, homes, apartments, etc.

Ratings and Reviews

This feature is an essential component of any Rental Marketplace. It enables both hosts and guests to provide ratings and reviews based on their experiences. This valuable functionality not only fosters trust but also acts as a magnet for attracting a larger user base to the website.


User Dashboard

Every user on the website has been provided with a personalized dashboard allowing them to efficiently oversee their transaction history, bookings, and property listings.

Verified Users

In a rental script, both guests and hosts have the opportunity to undergo verification by submitting their supporting documentation, which may include email addresses, social profiles, and mobile numbers.


Custom Pricing

A host has the flexibility to establish property prices according to their preferences, including options such as offering discounts for extended stays and adjusting weekend pricing. These strategies aim to attract a larger number of guests and encourage bookings.

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In summary, harnessing the capabilities of our Airbnb clone built-in features will empower you to develop and launch your rental marketplace business website as well as mobile apps similar to Airbnb.

These remarkable and premium features detailed earlier not only elevate the experience for both guests and hosts but also streamline your business operations, driving it toward unparalleled success and growth.

Hopefully, you will get some clarifications about what are the key features included in our Airbnb clone script that elevate the user experience, making your rental website a standout choice for hosts and guests in the market.

By embracing these enhancements you are not just creating a rental site you are crafting a dynamic ecosystem that fosters trust, convenience, and success for all participants.

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