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Key Features of Etsy like Marketplace Script to Create Successful eCommerce Site

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Etsy is an online platform, where the sellers and the buyers can sell and buy handcrafted and unique products from anywhere. And anyone can create a website like Etsy, with Etsy like Marketplace Script. With the Etsy clone script which is offered by Migrateshop, you can build a completely customizable marketplace quickly and affordably. The most important factor when the entrepreneur decided to create an Etsy like app and website using the clone script is the features. The Migrateshop’s Etsy clone script should have all the features that enable the buyers, sellers, and entrepreneurs to make the eCommerce process easy.

Must-Have Features of Etsy Like Marketplace Script

Must Have Features Of Etsy Like Marketplace Script

Here are the must-have features that are necessary for the Etsy like Marketplace script to build your eCommerce website similar to Etsy.

SignUp for Vendors and Users

The Etsy Clone is the Multi-Vendor Marketplace Script, so it allows more than one vendor. And the vendors and the users should register and log in with their social media accounts or using the mail ids. So that they can use the website. And the Vendors should provide the seller details.

Product Search and Filter

The Etsy like Marketplace Script should have an advanced search and filter feature. So that the users can find their desire products easily from various products listed on the site.

Add To Cart

In the Etsy WordPress Theme, the cart is the place where the users can add the products which they need to buy. After the buyers add the products to the cart, then they can view, buy, and delete the products.


It is one of the best features for creating a website like Etsy, which helps businesses to increase user engagement. Also, it enables users to save the product to buy later.

Admin Dashboard

The eCommerce Marketplace script must come with a powerful admin panel so that the admin can efficiently manage all the activities of the website from the admin panel.

Ratings and Review

It is one of the important features. The user can able to rate and review the products and the sellers. This feature also helps the users to make decisions while choosing the product to buy.

Multiple Payment Option

Having multiple payment gateways to buy the products makes the payment process simple and quick. It helps the users to buy the products using their convenient payment options.

Bottom Line

These are features that the Etsy Like Marketplace Script should come with. Migrateshop Etsy clone script has all the features mentioned above and it enables the entrepreneurs to create a successful eCommerce Website to begin their business.