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Published on: Advance b2b Marketplace Script

Top eCommerce PHP Scripts to Kick off Your New eCommerce Business

The eCommerce PHP Scripts are the software that enables to create and manage the eCommerce website and its activities efficiently. If you are a business owner and want to start your own eCommerce Business then these eCommerce scripts will help you.

To create a Multi-vendor eCommerce website, the business can use eCommerce Scripts. This will greatly improve your online business website and increase your business revenue.

In this blog, we have included a list of the best e-commerce PHP scripts from Migrateshop that can be used to develop your e-commerce website. These scripts allow you to create a customized eCommerce website with advanced features.

Some Useful Features of eCommerce Script

  • Migrateshop eCommerce Marketplace Scripts are designed and developed using the WordPress CMS PHP Framework so that you can perform all the eCommerce activities efficiently.
  • Also, it has a powerful admin dashboard, so the admin can manage the entire website activities from the admin panel.
  • This is a well-coded and highly customizable script; you can tailor the website to fit your needs.
  • In addition, the Multi-Vendor Marketplace Scripts from Migrateshop have the features like multi-payment gateway support, multi-language support, android, and ios mobile apps and etc.

List of eCommerce PHP Scripts to Create Your Website

List of eCommerce PHP Scripts To Create Your Website


Buy2Etsy is the Etsy Clone Script, which lets you create a website for selling and buying handmade and unique products. Using marketplace software like Etsy you can launch your own eCommerce website similar to Etsy.


Buy2Alibaba is the B2B eCommerce script that facilitates communication between the manufacturer and the supplier. You can use the script to build a b2b eCommerce marketplace. Also, it’s a multi vendor marketplace script that allows users to purchase both physical and digital products.


Buy2Aliexpress is the B2C/B2B eCommerce marketplace script that can get started with your online store. This eCommerce PHP Scripts From Migrateshop has all of the simple and advanced features of other eCommerce website scripts. This Aliexpress Clone Script works for both physical and digital items. It also enables users to purchase large quantities.


If you want to create a company with a website similar to Amazon. The Migrateshop Buy2Amazon is the best choice. It’s a multi-vendor e-commerce platform. You can have your ready-made online eCommerce marketplace website look like Amazon by using the Amazon clone script.


Buy2eBay is the online auction script. It allows sellers to sell goods using a bidding system. It’s the best way to go if you want to start a company in the e-commerce industry. eBay Clone is a multi-vendor script, so more than one vendor can use the platform.

Final Words

The above is the eCommerce PHP Scripts that can able to fulfill the requirements of entrepreneurs. So, it allows commencing your eCommerce business with less time and investment.