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Published on: EBay Store Clone

Develop Your Own Multi-vendor Marketplace by Using Our EBay Store Clone Script

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EBay Store Clone is the script that helps vendors can build their retail marketplace business website like eBay. Moreover, our The Auction PHP Script organizers to create an online auction website like eBay. The eBay Clone website is developed using the WordPress PHP CMS Framework.

Let’s, make the eBay Website with our eBay Clone PHP Script and start earning through admin commission policy.

Steps to Build Marketplace Website with EBay Store Clone

Ebay Clone Script

Migrateshop eBay Clone PHP Script lets you launch your online auction Website like eBay. While using this script, the enterprisers can build multiple sellers auction their products on their platform.

Here I have lists of steps to build a multivendor marketplace business website like eBay. They are,

  • Before developing your website you must download the eBay clone script.
  • Then register and log on to your website.
  • After that sellers can add their store and list the products from the front-end dashboard.
  • Then users can buy the products under our marketplace website.
  • This eBay Clone Open Source Script can be customized to meet your requirements.
  • Also, it allows vendors to list their products and to give commissions on the selling of their goods.

And, you can get an auction website script with both Android and iOS mobile apps. This Website is developed by WordPress CMS Open Source PHP framework, Mobile Apps developed by Android Studio & Xcode.