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Set Up Your Online Auction Shop Using eBay Clone PHP Script

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Today, building an online auction website is one of the successful techniques for initiating an eCommerce business. And also, it let the entrepreneurs reach their business to a wide range of customers within a short time. Launching your own website for Online Auction will help to improve your sales. eBay is one such eCommerce company which is the best example for an online auction shop. Now, building the eBay like Website became simple. The eBay Clone PHP Script makes the process easy.

The eBay Clone PHP Script offered by Migrateshop helps you to build the online auction website. Using this PHP Clone Script, you can let the buyers and sellers, sell and buy any kind of products under the auction method.

Why Build an Online Auction Site with eBay Clone PHP Script from Migrateshop

Why Build an Online Auction Site with eBay Clone PHP Script from Migrateshop

Creating an eCommerce website these days is essential for running the business successfully. And most companies have to just sell their services or goods online. For building the Auction Website like eBay, two options are possible. One is to build the website from scratch, which is the long term process. And the second option is to choosing the best Ready-made clone scripts to launch the eCommerce website quickly.

Here are some reasons, that why you should build an online auction site with eBay Clone PHP Script from Migrateshop.

  • Using the eBay Clone PHP Script, you can build your website quickly and it saves your time and you don’t need to code your website.
  • Migrateshop’s eBay PHP Script is completely customizable and Scalable.
  • It comes with Android and iOS Mobile Application.
  • The Buy2eBay has enriched with all the auction website features and functionalities like eBay.
  • It is a Multi-vendor Marketplace script, so it can be used by multiple sellers. And by allowing multiple sellers on the platform, the admin can earn admin commission.
  • The Buy2eBay is the WordPress theme and it uses the Woocommerce, which helps to operate all the eCommerce functionalities seamlessly.

How eBay Clone PHP Script Works

How eBay Clone PHP Script Works

In the eBay Clone Script, the first step is to register into the website. Both the customers and the sellers should register into the Auction Website using their email or Social media accounts. For the sellers, they can log in once the admin reviewed the seller details.

  • Once the registration is completed they can log in and use the website.
  • The seller can add their store and list the products from the front end dashboard. While adding the products they must provide the product details such as product name, description, image, etc. Also, the seller can add the products for auction.
  • The users can buy the products under the auction method. The user who bids for the highest amount will be won the auction and can purchase the product.
  • And the user can search for particular products using the advanced search and filter options on the website.
  • Once they select the product they need, then they can add them into the cart and can proceed to buy.
  • The Admin pays the purchase amount to the sellers after deducting the certain commission amount for each purchase done by the users.
  • The admin can manage the whole website activities from the admin panel.

The above is how the Migrateshop’s eBay Clone PHP Script works. The eBay clone script available at Migrateshop lets you set up an online auction website.