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Published on: domestic service script

Lay the First Stone into Service Business with the Best Domestic Service Script

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The domestic service business is providing various services to the users, who need the professionals to do their day-to-day chores like cleaning, plumbing, delivery, gardening, electrical works, and other handyman works. In recent times, on-demand platforms have gained popularity around the world. Due to the ease of use, the users search the online services and the service providers to do the handyman works at their doorstep. By the Domestic service script the entrepreneurs moving their service business online. Such On-Demand Service apps offer one-stop options to deal with the household services in one location for local vendors and consumers. The on demand service marketplaces like Handy, Taskrabbit, Thumbtack, Urban clap are the best examples for the domestic service business.

Domestic Service Script

The Startups can also build their own On Demand Service Marketplace Websites like Handy, Taskrabbit, and Thumbtack with the help of Ready Made Domestic Service Script. The On Demand Service website helps to connect the customers and the service providers. Users can search for their services based on their location, budget, and time. And the service providers can also list their services with the budget and location. By creating the website for providing local services, the entrepreneur can earn more money from the admin commission.

Monetization Options in Service Marketplace Websites

Every business is started to earn some profit. And here are the monetization options in the service marketplace website.

Admin Commission

The Domestic Service PHP Script is the multi-vendor script, so the owner of the website can earn profit by letting more than one service provider list and offer their services. And the service providers will pay a certain commission amount for each service done by them.

Earn by offering Services

The service providers can earn more money by offering more than one service to the users. And the multi vendor platform allows more than one professionals to use the single platform. So that professionals need not but a separate website for offering their services to the customers.

Best Domestic Service Scripts from Migrateshop to Start Business

Best Domestic Service Script from Migrateshop to Start Busines

To create the On Demand Service Marketplace, Migrateshop offers the clone scripts of Taskrabbit, Handy, and Thumbtack. Using the domestic service script, you can launch your own on demand service marketplace. Here is the List of Domestic service Scripts from Migrateshop.

Buy2Handy – Handy Clone Script

Buy2Handy is the clone script of Handy. It is the best option for entrepreneurs who wants to build a service marketplace website like Handy. The Handy Clone script is designed and developed using the PHP Laravel Frameworks. It comes with all the advanced features. And with this readymade clone script, you can create the website quickly.

Tasky – TaskRabbit Clone Script

The Taskrabbit clone script is the PHP open-source software, so it can be customized according to the user’s needs. And it is one of the best services providing the business script. Using the clone script the entrepreneur can build their own on-demand service website like TaskRabbit. And it let both the service provider and the admin earn more revenue.

ThumbsUp – Thumbtack Clone Script

If you are looking to commence a service marketplace business website like Thumbtack. Our Thumbtack is a perfect solution for the Multi-Vendor service marketplace script. Migrateshop offering the best Thumbtack Clone multivendor services marketplace script. Create an On-Demand Service Marketplace business website and start earning through the admin commission.


The on-demand service marketplaces are growing rapidly. So deciding to build the P2P Service marketplace website and getting into the service business is the right choice to earn the profit. For that Migrateshop’s Domestic service script will help you.