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Leading Buy And Sell Marketplace Script to Instigate website like Etsy

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An Online Buy and Sell marketplace is a website or mobile app that helps to connect buyers and sellers. It let the users buy a variety of products from various sellers online. There are many for the marketplace websites such as Amazon, Etsy, Aliexpress, eBay and etc. And This post will help you to know how to create your own eCommerce website like Etsy with the Buy and Sell Marketplace Script.

Why Start Buy/Sell Marketplace like Etsy

Etsy is an eCommerce platform to buy and sell the antique and crafted online. By creating a website like Etsy will help the entrepreneurs and the sellers to expand their business to a great extend. The Buy and Sell Marketplace Script from Migrateshop let the entrepreneurs build the eCommerce Website like Etsy. It is the Multivendor Marketplace script, where any number of sellers can use this platform to sell the products. And by letting the sellers sell the products, the website owner can earn money without selling their own products.

How to Create Website like Etsy with Buy and Sell Marketplace Script

How to Create Website like Etsy With Buy and Sell Marketplace Script

The Buy and Sell Marketplace Script is the Ready-made Script. It allows you to build your website like Etsy quickly. It is developed using the WordPress CMS PHP Framework. The Buy2Etsy is the clone script of Etsy. And it comes with the WooCommerce Plugin. The Woocommerce is one of the important plugins for the eCommerce platform, which can create all the necessary eCommerce features like cart, checkout, payment process, etc.

The Etsy Clone script uses the WC Vendor plugin which is used to support multiple vendors to use the eCommerce platform. To build the eCommerce website you don’t need to code. The buy and sell marketplace script is the clone of Etsy, it eliminates the initial development and the designing time and the cost.

How Etsy Clone works

Vendors and the User Registration To use the platform

Both the vendors and the users should signup to use the marketplace platform.

Vendors product listing

After registration, the vendor can list and manage their products.

Users Product search and Purchasing the Products

The Buy2Etsy has an advanced product search and filter feature. So the users can easily search for their desire product and buy the products. Since the buy and sell marketplace script supports multiple payment gateways, the transaction for the product purchase can be done online.

Admin commission

Admin handles all the transactions on the platform. The admin will get a commission for every product sale done by the vendors. The admin will send the amount to the sellers after the deduction of the commission amount.

Rating and Review

The users can Rate and Review for the products and the sellers. It will be helpful for users to make the decision to buy the right product.

Migrateshop offers the best buy and sells marketplace script. The Buy2Etsy has the Free live demo option, which allows you to have a demo before buying the Buy and Sell Multi vendor Marketplace Script.