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Published on: bidding websites like ebay

What are the excellent and profitable features of our bidding websites like eBay

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Bidding Websites Like eBay is the perfect example of an online auction system for people who are all looking to upgrade their bidding business website. While using our Etsy clone WordPress theme you can easily design and develop your multi-vendor auction website. On that website, you can sell both digital and physical goods. Also, earn from commission fee for every sale. Migrateshop giving the best bidding website script like eBay for both website and mobile applications like Android and iOS apps.

At the time creating an online auction marketplace website is the perfect platform to earn profit while providing the vendor and buyers to sell and buying the items with our bidding script.

Ultimate profitable features of our bidding websites like eBay

ebay clone script

In our script, the customers can purchase the products within time. And the vendors earn from selling their products with admin commission. PHP Auction Script is one of the best multi-vendor marketplace website software so here more the one vendor can auction their products.

Let’s see what are the essential features of our Auction Bidding Script.

WordPress and Woocommerce Supported

Our eBay clone script was designed and developed by WordPress and WooCommerce based script. So vendors can easy to manage their whole website from a single admin panel. Woocommerce is the best eCommerce program for the WordPress framework. Also its supports both digital and physical products.

Selling Digital and Physical Goods

In our eBay clone software was completely supported for both tangible and non-tangible products. So you can use our script for selling and buying both digital products and physical products from our eCommerce marketplace website.

Commission Payout For Every Sale

If you are a vendor then you can earn from every product sale with the help of our admin commission policy. In the admin commission payment will be paid from admin weekly or monthly.

Auction Bidding System

Here the products are displayed for auction bidding openly. So the buyers can bid their price for that products or goods. At the end of bidding highest bidder won the auction and they are buying those products.

Multiple Payment Gateways

It’s the Woocommerce based script. So it supports default payment gateways like PayPal, COD, Bank, Check, etc. Also here the vendors can add more WooCommerce supported payment gateways.

BuddyPress Integrated

The BuddyPress plugin was integrated for both buyers and sellers to connect with each other in social marketplace websites. While using this plugin every user gets in touch with their communities.

We give the best Marketplace Auction Script to begin your online auction bidding website like eBay. In our script supports both sell and buy the products online. We have two types of pricing models like fixed prices like online shopping websites. Another one is the auction method so the seller can provide the initial cost of the products. And the buyers can do their bidding auction.  End of the auction highest bidding amount provider can purchase that product.