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Best Multi Vendor Marketplace platform to Build eCommerce Website

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What is Multi Vendor Marketplace?

A multi-vendor marketplace is an online platform where several vendors can sell their products or services from a single website. Amazon, eBay, and Etsy are a few of the most well-known instances of a multi vendor marketplace platform.

When launching a multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace website, the website owner need not manage the inventory and shipping activities. And they can by allowing multiple sellers to use their platform. The seller will pay a certain admin commission for each sale made on the website.

To build the Multi Vendor Marketplace, there are many multi vendor marketplace scripts available online.

What is Multi vendor Marketplace script?

Multi-vendor Marketplace script is an online software solution for building an eCommerce website where multiple online vendors can sell their products. Usually, marketplaces offer vendors a seller dashboard to add products and manage their orders. The marketplace script will come with all the essential features and functionalities to run the eCommerce website without any flaws.

Features of Marty Multi Vendor Marketplace Platform

Features of Marty Multi Vendor Marketplace Platform

This blog will let you know one of the best Multi vendor Marketplace platforms Marty offered by Migratesop to build your eCommerce store and its features. The eCommerce website has its major roles which include vendor, buyer, and admin. Below we have listed the features for these users.

Features for the Vendors and Buyers

Simple registration/listing for Vendor – It must be simple for the sellers to register and make their product listings. The Marty multi vendor marketplace script has the social via login feature for both vendor and the buyer. So that the user can quickly register and log in to the website.

Multiple Vendor Products in a Cart – When a buyer adds all of their desired things from various vendor stores to one cart. The order should immediately be split into numerous orders, with each online vendor delivering the items individually. And the customer simply has to make one payment for the entire transaction.

Wallet – Marty multi vendor marketplace script has a separate wallet for the buyer and seller so that they can manage their account credits.

Sales reports – In the multi-vendor eCommerce site built using Marty, eCommerce sellers will have access to the detailed sales report.

Ratings and Reviews – Marty has a rating and review system with a star rating, which is useful for the buyers to decide on buying an individual product.

Multi-Language – The eCommerce website has multiple language features. So that your website can get users from various regions.

Multiple Payment gateways – To make the payment process more secure and simple, our multi-vendor eCommerce software is integrated with multiple payment gateways.

Features for the Admin

Admin access at various levels – The admin of the eCommerce marketplace platform can set several levels of accessibility to the users.

Approving products – Before the products are listed on the website, the admin should approve the product.

To Conclude

Above are the few essential features of a multi vendor marketplace platform. Using the right marketplace script will help you to expand your eCommerce business to the next level and to be successful in the competitive market.