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Start Ball Rolling In B2B Business with Migrateshop’s Alibaba WordPress Theme

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An online sale has now become a way to improve profits and accelerate new users. The B2B moves from physical stores to online approaches, it helps to make more profit. B2B will expand to double the size of the B2C market as B2B orders have higher average order prices because B2B purchasers are easier to buy. A great example of a B2B eCommerce Website is Alibaba. Alibaba lets the traders and the manufacturers connect and trade via the platform. Creating a B2B eCommerce Website and Starting the Business is the best way to earn income. The entrepreneurs can build their own B2B Trading Website using the Alibaba WordPress Theme.

For entrepreneurs, creating a Multivendor website with the Alibaba WordPress Theme is the best way to start your eCommerce business. It is an affordable way to build an eCommerce website like Alibaba. The Alibaba Clone WordPress Theme from Migrateshop comes with all the features that are necessary for a fully functioning B2B Trading Website. Also, the Migrateshop Buy2Alibaba is an open-source PHP Script, so it can be customized based on the client’s needs.

Key Features of Alibaba WordPress Theme


Since Migrateshop Alibaba clone is the multivendor marketplace script, it has all the basic and advanced features. It lets both the admin and the vendors generate more income and grow the B2B Business to a great extent. Here are some key features of Alibaba WordPress Theme.

Registration and Login

For any eCommerce website, the registration and login feature is essential. Both the Sellers and the Buyers should register with the website using their social media accounts or email before using the B2B eCommerce website. In the Alibaba clone script, the buyers should provide their details to register with the website as the seller.

Product Listing

The Alibaba Clone WordPress theme has a front-end dashboard, so the vendors can create their stores and list their products easily. The vendor can provide product details such as product name, description, and images. And also they can add the packaging details, delivery time, and product tracking information.

Multiple Payment Gateways

The B2B Trading Script has multiple payment gateway support, offering multiple payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, etc. can create a better user experience. The Alibaba WordPress theme has the option to add additional payment gateways based on the client’s requirements.

Bulk Price and Minimum Quantity

While creating the B2B eCommerce website, it is important to consider the order quantity. The Alibaba Clone, B2B Trading PHP Script has the feature to set the Minimum and Maximum order quantity and the Bulk price for the products.

Multi-Vendor Support

The Alibaba clone script supports the multi-vendor to register and use the platform. Multiple sellers can use the website to sell their products. To sell their products on the B2B website, the Vendors should pay a certain commission amount to the admin for each sale.

The above are the key features of the Alibaba WordPress theme. Migrateshop’s Buy2Alibaba is the perfect clone script for those who are looking to start their B2B eCommerce Business.

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