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Build an Online Rental Business Website With Airbnb Online Booking Script

Airbnb Online Booking Script is a script that may be used to construct a generic rental business. You may quickly create and configure the website and web app to meet your specific requirements. It’s also one of the greatest Airbnb Clone Scripts available. Also, with our Develop Airbnb Clone Script, you may receive an admin commission for each booking, which helps to enhance your business profit at the same time.

How Our Airbnb Online Booking Script Works?

Airbnb Clone Website

Migrateshop’s Airbnb clone software supports you to develop and track your own rental business. Here I have explained how our Airbnb Online Booking Script works.

Login and Register:

While entering into the booking host and guests must register and log in with their social media accounts.


Once host login into our website they requirement list their properties. List some required details about that home-like how many rooms are there, here any additional amenities are available or not, guest count, etc.


Here, Guest searching the properties based on their location search on the map.

Booking Process:

While the guest prefers the assets then they give a booking request to the Host. Our Script supports two types of Booking, Instant Booking, and the host approves the booking request from the guest.


After that, the payment process has been started. Payment happens in both PayPal and stripe method.


After all the Check-in/Check-out functions are over guests having the review and rating system.

Admin Commission:

Once all the process was done then the admin reveals the payment amount from the host. Admin having the cancellation policy for guests. When the guest likes to cancel the booking before the Check-in date admin performs the cancellation policy.

Refund Policy:

Then the Host transfers the Refund Amount to the Guest. This how our Airbnb Online Booking Script works.