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Get Airbnb like App and Website with Our Custom Online Rental Business Script

Airbnb like App is the Mobile Application specifically designed a new vacation rental business. Migrateshop offers that rental script for both website and mobile application scripts. It’s the Top Most Airbnb Rental Script for people who are all like to build their own Airbnb Clone Website and start earning through the admin commission policy. Rental Businesses like renting out some resources for commercial objects like factory usages, parking slots, warehouse space, etc. 

How Our Airbnb Like App Working

Airbnb Clone Script

Here I have explained how our Airbnb like App Was Working. Most of the end-users are prefer their rental places for their vacations at that time our Airbnb like app helped to them for getting rentals.

Let’s go for a session,

Guest App:

  • Guests can rent out our other space for Working Space, House, parking space with the help of our Vacation Space Rental Script.
  • After completing registration getting over they start searching and selecting the space they go for booking the part.
  • Once entering into the booking guest need to give the request to the host.
  • After that host allows the request means the payment transaction will start after all the booking and transaction process was getting over.

Host App:

  • Here the word Host denotes as was who is like to rent their products or properties with the help of Airbnb Clone Laravel.
  • The host must register their info and need details about their properties. Once the listing part was after they go for booking the part.
  • Once the host accepts that request the transaction will be started whether it’s PayPal, credit card, or some other method. 
  • After completing the booking and payment host also gives the review and rating for that particular booking.

Admin App:

  • Here All the listing and booking details are saved in the admin panel.
  • While the guest gives the request admin connects to the host.
  • After the request was accepted the booking process was started. Once all the process was over Admin detects the commission amount and returns to the host.
  • If guests, like to withdraw the booking means the admin accepts the cancellation policy and the amount will be refunded to the guest.

Vacation Rental Marketplace Script is the absolute solution to start your Online Vacation Rentals business. So let’s Start Your Airbnb like App and Website with Our Custom Online Rental Business Script.

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